10 Interesting Items That Celebrities Keep At Home

Rich people often have keen eyes for out-of-the-world things. Truckloads of cash can do that to people since they don’t have anything else to spend money on. However, this article is not about the money they have splurged but about the bizarre choices they have in products. We wonder if there is a particular mystery behind these purchases. While Hollywood stars are obsessed with expensive designer wardrobes, Penelope Cruz is more inclined on collecting hangers. Find out the 10 interesting items that celebrities keep at home.

Mike Tyson

Interesting Items At Celebrities Home
Interesting Items At Celebrities Home

Mike Tyson may lead a humble life nowadays after splurging most of his earnings on bizarre items. But there was a time when the boxer led an extremely lavish life as was projected in “The Hangover”. Just like we saw in the movie, Mike Tyson loved to keep Bengal Tigers at his residence. He kept several white tigers in his mansion for about a decade from the 1990s to the 2000s.

Penelope Cruz

Facts About Penelope Cruz

One of the most beautiful celebrities in the film industry, Penelope can afford herself a huge walk-in wardrobe with a wide range of enviable outfits, dresses, and footwear. But instead of the clothes, she has an unexplainable fascination for non-metal hangers.

Nicole Kidman

Facts About Nicole Kidman

Apart from nailing her acting career and walking around as a fashion icon, Kidman has other interests too. Collecting coins is a common hobby that many people enjoy doing. Nicole Kidman is one of them with a rather strong inclination. In fact, her fine collection of ancient coins will fascinate other collectors.

Brad Pitt

Leading Stars

The mere thought of a celeb’s home interior reminds us of a cozy leather couch and feather mattresses. Some elite people even have an eye for dark wood, Boho style, Victorian, or other themed furniture. The sensational Hollywood star, Brad Pitt has a thing for metal furniture. He finds nothing better than metal to embellish his house. So, almost every furniture piece at his home is made out of metal. They have become a signature brad Pitt style. In fact, he has built many of them himself.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a badass lady both on and off screens. The fierce character she plays in action movies is not merely acting but has some truth in it. Jolie was fascinated by dark and gothic objects since she was a teenager. She has been collecting various kinds of knives since childhood and also keeps reptiles like snakes as her pets.

Tom Hanks

Interesting Items At Celebrities Home

The beloved actor, Tom Hanks rose to fame in the ‘90s but reserves a special spot in our hearts till this date. He is admired for his humble lifestyle and down-to-earth nature despite being a Hollywood legend. Hanks is a fanatic for typewriters. In fact, if you are into vintage items and literature, owning a typewriter will be a dream. But Tom Hanks owns not one but about 50 of them at home. A cinephile and bibliophile would do anything to lay hands on a typewriter, but having a room full of typewriters is unbelievable.

Johnny Depp

Another Hollywood celeb known for his eccentricities is none other than Johnny Depp. While his characters like Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow connected with the young audience, Depp bonded quite well with his kids in real life. He and his kids enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls together. While his daughter grew up and lost interest in the dolls, Depp never grew out of them. He reportedly enjoys rehearsing lines with the dolls and has a huge collection of Barbies at home.

Lady Gaga

Interesting Items At Celebrities Home
Interesting Items At Celebrities Home

The sensational queen of music is also the mother of eccentric choices. If the woman can wear nothing but only cold raw meat to events then we wonder what else is there to explore about her. Turns out, Lady Gaga is a firm believer in supernatural entities. Not only does she believes in their existence but is also super scared of them. Her paranoia makes her carry an electro-magnetic field meter and ghost detectors wherever she goes. So, if you are expecting to discover something bizarre instead of wallet and makeup in her bag, then you are absolutely correct.

Demi Moore

Interesting Items At Celebrities Home
Interesting Items At Celebrities Home

Almost every household with a kid has entertained porcelain dolls. But the thought of collecting various kinds of porcelain dolls to fill up your home space kind of gives us the chills. Demi Moore has taken the love for dolls to the next level by owning thousands of them. Don’t jump out if you ever see a well-dressed doll sitting by the tea-table at her place.

Ben Stiller

Ben has been a part of many light-hearted comedies that every Hollywood fan has watched. Most of them are popular hits which the actor must proud of. But instead of having memorabilia of his own films, he keeps a collection of Star Trek related souvenirs and merchandise. He is so psyched about the iconic sci-fi show that he owns two pairs of the original Spock ears from the original Star Trek series.

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