Moon Knight Alternate Ending Which Got Rejected

The sixth and final episode of Moon Knight is out on Disney+. The finale was a worthy send-off to a mind-boggling series. It brought an end to the conflict in Marc’s mind and teased the character’s future. And the climax fight in Cairo was one of the best scenes in the series. But did you know that this ending was not a part of the final draft? This was later added when the director asked for it. And Moon Knight director, Mohamed Diab, has just revealed that Moon Knight alternate ending and why he rejected it.

Disney+’s Moon Knight elevated its suspense and thrill with every successive episode. The series started with Steven living a simple life in the city of London. And since that, he went on to face a Jackal in his place of work and on the streets of London. Then, he visited the beautiful city of Cairo where Harrow kills him. And all of these things perfectly lead Marc and Steven to the finale where Osiris resurrects him and he faces Harrow once again on the Pyramid of Giza.


Moon Knight alternate ending

Initially, we see the conflicting views through which Marc and Steven see life. But as the series goes on, they reconcile and learn to work together. And by the end, we see them working together to fight Harrow and his henchmen in Cairo under the night sky. While, in the background, we see Khonshu and Ammit, in their kaiju sizes, battling it out. But this was all an improvisation because the writers had thought of something different.



Following the release of the finale episode, in one of his interviews, Mohamed Diab revealed the original ending to ComicBook. He also revealed why he felt the need to improvise upon it. And how the creative execs worked as a team to improve upon his improvised idea. Check out what he had to say

I remember that the way the whole action sequence at the end was written was completely inside the chamber of the gods, everything… And I just thought, ‘No, we want to see Cairo at night.’ I want to see something outside and it kept developing again. Everyone is chipping in. Everyone is chipping in. So, it’s very hard to take credit unless I remember. So, I don’t remember, but I love it. And I love people saw in episode three Cairo at day and how different it is than the perspective that people know of the desert and stuff and how it looks at night, which is another beauty. I love that about it.


The Pyramid of Giza, which is considered to be empty inside, was an important location in the series. It was the place where the Egyptian Ennead met and discussed the matters of the Gods. This was also the place where Khonshu was imprisoned, so it would have been more compelling that the fight is held on that sacred ground. But Diab, being an Egyptian native, wanted the world to see more of Cairo. He knew just how beautiful Cairo looks at the night and how it can improve the impact of the last fight. Well, he wasn’t wrong. The scene where we see Moon Knight flying Harrow through the streets was one of the coolest fight scenes of all time.



Now that the focus of many series has started shifting from the Western setting, third-world countries have been the new place to shoot movies. And Moon Knight is mainly from Egyptian culture, so it made a lot of sense when the final fight took place in the capital city. This scene’s impact multiplied when May Calamawy’s first Egyptian superhero fought in the streets of Cairo. As Diab has pointed out multiple times, it was a big deal for Egyptians all over the world. And after seeing that fight take place in Cairo, viewers can’t even imagine it taking place anywhere else.


What do you think about this Moon Knight alternate ending? Should it have been rejected or not? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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