Nicole Kidman

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    10 Interesting Items That Celebrities Keep At Home

    Rich people often have keen eyes for out-of-the-world things. Truckloads of cash can do that to people since they don’t have anything else to spend money on. However, this article is not about the money they have splurged but about the bizarre choices they have in products. We wonder if there is a particular mystery behind these purchases. While Hollywood…

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    10 Hottest Movies of Nicole Kidman That You Can’t Watch With Your Parents

    Nicole Kidman is one the most beautiful, vivacious and hottest actresses working in Hollywood. She is extremely talented and versatile in the selection of roles. Every time critics try to write her off, she comes back with a masterful performance. Here’re 10 hottest performances of Nicole Kidman that transformed her into a diva. Dead Calm: Based on a 1963 Charles…

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