12 Hidden Details That Make ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Important In The MCU

Hidden Details Thor The Dark World:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the mammoth in the superhero genre that releases hit and blockbuster movies one after the other. It keeps breaking the box office records with each movie. But some films in the early phases of the MCU didn’t perform well like their kin. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ is one of them that most of the fans want to forget. It received mixed reviews but couldn’t reach the benchmark set by other Marvel movies. However, believe it or not, the second installment of the Thor series is a pretty significant MCU movie. The franchise infused little detail and hints in the story that only vigilant audience and hardcore fans could notice. These hidden elements make Thor 2 really interesting and fun to watch the second time. Find out the 12 details that make ‘Thor: The Dark World’ important in the MCU.

 1. Thor’s Costume Appeared When He Caught The Mjolnir

Just like Clark Kent rips off his shirt while turning into Superman in times of need, Thor wields his Mjolnir to get into his armor. Every time he summons the hammer and holds it, no matter what he is wearing; it magically changes into his popular costume. It’s interesting how Odin considered this need while bestowing superpowers into the hammer. He must have just thought of adding costume-changing ability into it. In The Dark World, Thor was literally in the air when he changed into his costume.

 2. Selvig’s Board Mentioned Marvel Universe

Selvig had broken down everything linked to the Marvel Universe that would appear in the later movies on his chalkboard. He wrote the original universe of Marvel that is Earth 616, followed by the Nine Worlds, The Alignment, the Nexus (pathway to all realities), and other scientific theories from reality. Almost nothing that is casually dropped in the MCU is shown without purpose. Selvig had also mentioned the Nidavellir while explaining the convergence. This realm appears later in the post-credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron and finally in Avengers: Infinity War where we saw how the dying star was used by dwarves to forge the hammer.

 3. Repaired Bifrost

In the first Thor movie, Thor had destroyed the Bifrost to prevent Loki from attacking Jotunheim and starting a war. The exact smashed spot on the bridge that was repaired could be seen in The Dark World.

 4. Surtur’s Realm

During the Convergence, portals opened above the primary spots of each realm like a window from where one could get a glimpse of the other realms. Malekith wanted to take advantage of these weakened wormholes and turn the universe back to its dark phase. During this Convergence, we got to see Surtur’s realm, Muspelheim that later appeared in Ragnarok.

 5. Loki Let’s Thor Keep The Mjolnir

MCU Deleted Scenes

Loki had his eyes on Thor’s coveted hammer since the first movie. But he suppressed his desire for the Mjolnir while pretending to be Odin. He knew that taking Thor’s Mjolnir would bust out his true identity since he wasn’t worthy. So he let Thor keep it in exchange for enjoying the throne.

 6. It Warned About Odin

Odin’s true nature was supposed to take us by surprise in Thor: Ragnarok when all his secrets were revealed. But his shadier side was hinted in the Dark World itself. When Asgard was challenged by the Dark Elves, Odin didn’t show a tiny trepidation about shedding the blood of innocents in the war. All he cared about was winning and proving his power. We expected a true king to put his people before the ego.

 7. Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Appeared In The Movie

Did you know that Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky also appeared in Thor: The Dark World but didn’t get noticed? In fact, Thor even kissed her on the screen. Elsa filled in for Natalie Portman as Jane Foster as the actress was busy during the reshoot. So Hemsworth’s wife donned Jane’s outfits and wig and did the final kiss scene.

 8. Korg Species In Thor: The Dark World

We remember the friendly and super polite giant alien from Thor: Ragnarok. Korg who was voiced by Taika Waititi was one of the best and funniest characters of the 3rd film. Even though he became popular in Ragnarok, someone like him had first appeared in the 2nd part. He belonged to the same species as Korg and director Alan Taylor wanted to name him Korg. Thank God MCU didn’t name him Korg or we would have missed the fun that Taika had planned.

 9. The Car That Enters The Bifrost

The front of a car accidentally got consumed by the Bifrost when it was activated. While it’s front is missing on earth, we later find it flying on its way to Heimdall on Asgard. It’s pretty impressive how they paid attention to such little details.

 10. The Ravens From Norse Mythology

Odin’s ravens, Hugin and Munin also belong to the Norse Mythology that the MCU used in the movies. They never left Odin’s side and the director focused on this detail when Loki was pretending to be Odin. A smart person would have caught Loki’s sham when the ravens were not present around him.

 11. Odin Refers To The Infinity Stones

It wasn’t Thanos’s appearance or the post-credit scene with the Collector that mentioned the Infinity Stones. The audience often misses out that it was Odin who dropped the Easter egg. While explaining to Jane and Thor about the Aether, he said that the Aether appeared in liquid form and the other relics as stones.

 12. Introduced The Magic Of Marvel Universe

MCU transcended from conventional superheroes and sci-fi to a magical universe in the later phases. We mostly link the magic and mystic arts of the universe with Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, and Wanda. But the “magic” was introduced by Thor. In the first Thor movie, he explained to Jane that in Asgard, science and magic were the same. We got to dive further into it in the Dark World.

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