Actors With Best Performances in The Worst Superhero Movies

Best Performances in Worst Movies:

Even terrible movies cannot stop the gems from shining. Their powerful performance saved these superhero movies from embarrassment. In fact, they made it possible for us to go through the tormenting hours of the story. It’s easier to get recognition by appearing in blockbuster and critically-acclaimed movies but to get applauded for your work in a flop movie is pretty much next to impossible. Yet these great actors took us by storm and dazzled the critics with their acting. In a movie full of poor direction, plot, and visuals, these talents saved the studios’ necks. They deserve to get noticed and appreciated for their hard work and skills. Some of these movies had a star cast whose work is not being questioned. But we will be celebrating the names that stole the spotlight. Find out the 11 actors with the best performances in the worst superhero movies.

 1. Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This movie was the first experiment of the X-Men franchise to make origin movies. It was supposed to be followed by the origin of Magneto but the epic failure of Wolverine shunned all the dreams. Wolverine expected to delve into the background of Hugh Jackman’s Logan and discover how he became what he was.

Despite having a great opportunity to capitalize on Wolverine’s origin, the movie delivered a directionless and bland storyline that kept hopping from one story to another without drawing a proper picture. Even though Ryan Reynolds had a brief role and returned with a bang in Deadpool, he gave a memorable performance in Wolverine. That is exactly why we wanted to see him again in a standalone.

 2. J.K. Simmons in Spider-Man 3

We need not say much how abysmal the 3rd installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise was. It acted as a dent in the success of the first two parts. As good as Spider-Man 1 and 2 were, the third one took the entire franchise down with it. With two love interests and a weird Venom, the plot turned out to be confusing and messy. Tobey Maguire’s rough touch to his character was so humiliating that we were left speechless. The only character that acted like glue to the film was J.K Simmons’s J. Jonah Jameson who didn’t falter from the dramatic and arrogant demeanor as the editor of Daily Bugle.

 3. Sam Elliot in Hulk

The Hulk of 2003 is one of the most boring superhero movies that leave you drowsy. Instead of filling us up with the adrenaline rush, energy, and emotions of a typical superhero origin story, it delivered a bland script. The only one who deserves the spotlight is Sam Elliot’s General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. Behind the hard exterior of an army General, Ross could portray his inner dilemma in sympathizing and disapproving the scientist Banner and the monster Hulk, respectively. He expressed how hard it was for him to suppress his personal emotions and stop the monster for the greater good.

 4. Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2

Many fans have expressed how badly they wanted the movie to be named after Justin Hammer. Even as Tony Stark’s biggest rivals, he turned out to be the star of the movie. While the plot left MCU fans disappointed with Iron Man 2 for not retaining the same compelling characteristics of the first installment. He was a perfect match for Stark for their striking similarities and the differences. He brought fun into the story with his constantly desperate attempts to beat down Stark Industries and find success more than Tony did.

 5. Sam Elliot in Ghost Rider

Best Performances in Worst Movies
Best Performances in Worst Movies

Even though nothing could save Ghost Rider from being the utterly stupid movie that it was, Sam Elliot’s Carter Slade added some sense to the film. While the rest of the movie was exploding like a disaster, Elliot made his little appearance watchable and provided a moment of respite.

 6. Michael Fassbender in Jonah Hex

Best Performances in Worst Movies
Best Performances in Worst Movies

In this terrible movie that received negative reviews from both critic and audience, the only excitement element in the story was Fassbender’s chilly Burke. He was one of the men working with the villain who was driven by insanity and had no conscience.

 7. Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

This list is incomplete without Margot Robbie who set the best example by making a successful career out of a disastrous movie. Suicide Squad cast had big names like Will Smith and Jared Leto. The directionless plot and the over-the-top visuals gave the audience headache and forced them to leave the theatre. The only face that shone out in the bleak film was Harley Quinn. She became the star of the movie and gave unprecedented fame to Joker’s better half.

She brought an unimaginable amount of energy and insanity to the character that no one else could have portrayed. She was the most entertaining part of the story and could vividly express her inner pain and grim emotions behind the exuberant exterior. For the first time, it was Harley Quinn and not Joker who took everyone by storm and earned herself a standalone movie by ditching Joker.

 8. Doug Jones in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Best Performances in Worst Movies

A great actor knows how to communicate with mere body language. Doug was the body for Silver Surfer and expressed the character’s persona without loud movements or expressions. He used subtle postures to emanate confidence, strength, and hidden moroseness.

 9. Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 focused too much on seeding too many villains for a future Sinister 6. As a result, the movie had a confusing and messy plot that killed our enthusiasm. But Aunt May gravitated us back to the story with her emotional yet powerful acting. She had that Aunt May aura that we all wanted to see.

 10. Peter Sarsgaard in Green Lantern

Green Lantern earned itself to be the most terrible work despite starring A-list actors. Even Ryan Reynolds regrets signing up for it and tries to erase it from his memories. It was hard to find a talent behind the crappy plot and over the top CGI. However, Peter’s Hector Hammond grabbed our attention with his bizarre character with a massive brain. He embraced the chilly weirdness of his character and made himself a memorable villain.

 11. Ray Stevenson in Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone had a gloomy and dark theme that engulfed the audience with its brutal action scenes and violence. Ray played the titular character who depicted the Punisher exactly how he was supposed to be. Without any overacting or loud body language, he expressed the cold, fearless, and grim temperament of the anti-hero.

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