Spider-Man 3 – How The Sinister Six is Going to Look in The MCU

We’ve just got the update that Spider-Man 3 will start filming within this month in New York. The reason why we’re really excited about it is because this movie will be a major stepping stone for the arrival of the Sinister Six. The main cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming is said to return in this film, so it is possible that the likes of Adrian Toomes & Mac Gargan could also be coming back. But what about Mysterio from Spider-Man: Far From Home? Will we see him in Spider-Man 3? We’ll have to wait in order to find that out. But for now, let’s just round up the villains who seem to be sure shot candidates of the Sinister Six.


Spider-Man 3 The Sinister Six Look

Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes was imprisoned in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we saw him speak to Mac Gargan, who was clearly working for someone. That someone could either be Quentin Beck, or it could be Norman Osborn. But either way, we know for a fact that Vulture was set up as a villain of the future. He was surely recruited for the Sinister Six. So, we’ll probably see him along with his new team by the end of Spider-Man 3, as that will be a set up for Spider-Man 4 or some other SPUMC movie.


Spider-Man 3 The Sinister Six Look

Quentin Beck tried to make us believe that he died. But then, we saw how he & his team doctored the footage of his supposed death to frame Peter Parker. He is a master of illusions, and Jake Gyllenhaal is too big of an actor to play just a one-off villain. So, thinking that Mysterio died in London would be foolishness. He will most certainly return as a member of the Sinister Six.


It was just confirmed that Jamie Foxx will be returning as Max Dillon aka Electro in the untitled Spider-Man 3. He will be a different version of Electro from the one we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He will probably be from MCU’s Earth 19999 and his suit will be modernized & comic accurate (green, yellow & probably a bit of black). Just like Gyllenhaal & Keaton, Jamie Foxx is a big name actor himself. So, Marvel is certainly planning to bring him into the mix of the Sinister Six.


Spider-Man 3 The Sinister Six Look

We all suspected that since Venom didn’t show any connections to the MCU, Jared Leto’s Morbius would play out the same way. But out of nowhere, Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes showed up at the end of the Morbius trailer to seemingly recruit Michael Morbius for the Sinister Six, just like Mac Gargan tried to recruit him in Homecoming. In the trailer, we also saw how Spider-Man is being considered as a murderer. So, that is why Morbius might be willing to join the Sinister Six. He could also turn down Toomes’ offer, but why keep him out of the fight when there’s a chance to add him in a great roster? Let’s see how Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters connects with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In the comics, Mac Gargan goes on to become Scorpion. His neck tattoo in Homecoming also teased a similar future. So, whoever he is working for will probably provide him a Scorpion suit before he teams up with the Sinister Six. We reckon that he will also be one of the baddies to go up against Spider-Man in the third installment of his “Home” trilogy. After that, he could tag along with the aforementioned giants.

Kraven the Hunter

Spider-Man 3 The Sinister Six Look

Marvel pulled off a big surprise when they announced that Jamie Foxx’s Electro will the villain in Spider-Man 3. We were all suspecting Kraven to be the villain in this film. But interestingly, Kraven has got his own solo movie that is coming out in 2022. So, he could be recruited into the Sinister Six just like Jared Leto’s Morbius. Or, Spider-Man 3 could show him along with the Sinister Six by the end of the movie, and his solo movie could be a prequel to the events of Spider-Man 3. It would be interesting to see who will be cast as Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter. We’ve heard a rumor about Joel Kinnaman being eyed for the role, but we’ll have to wait and see in order to be sure.

This could be the perfect line up of the Sinister Six in the MCU. They could all be working under one big bad who probably won’t be showing his face until the end of Spider-Man 3 or perhaps until Spider-Man 4. And that big bad has to be Norman Osborn. We’re not adding Venom or Carnage to this line up because then the team will become insanely strong for Spider-Man to take on. It already is too strong, so Spider-Man is going to need a bit of help. He could be joined by Spider-Woman, who is also getting her solo movie in 2022. And, Venom could also team up with Peter after the two fight each other in Venom 3.

Spider-Man 3 The Sinister Six Look

As for the other villains like Shocker, Tinkerer, and Chameleon, they are too low level for the Sinister Six. They might be put up to certain tasks to surprise us with an appearance somewhere down the line, but they surely won’t be tagging along with the big wigs mentioned above.

Do you agree with this line up of the Sinister Six? Or would you make one or two changes in it? Tell us in the comments down below.

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