10 Actors Who Took Bizarre Movie Roles Just For The Money

Actors Took Bizarre Movie Roles:

Some of these actors didn’t become millionaires and billionaires in one day. They had to go through a truckload of bad roles and struggle to even make their ends meet. Remember how Joey Tribbiani had to become the face of STD and Al Pacino’s butt during his initial days. Hollywood has witnessed cut-throat competition for ages. Millions of talents are flooding in the industry every day and getting noticed requires both luck and dedication. The actors have endured many hurdles on their way to become stars. They have appeared in some crappy movies in the past to pay the bills. No matter how hard they try to erase their past, the internet will always bring it up. This list also has the name of actors who are sitting on a mountain of fortune but didn’t mind taking some unnecessary roles just for the money. Here are the names of actors who took bizarre movie roles just for the money.

 1. Scarlett Johansson in My Brother the Pig

Guessing the story shouldn’t be tough because the plot exactly what the title suggests. Scarlett Johansson played a teenager whose little brother turned into a pig one day due to some enchanted stones. This leads her and her friends to embark on a journey to an elderly family witch who turns the brother back to human. Sorry for the *SPOILERS*!

 2. Joaquin Phoenix in Superboy

Before Joaquin Phoenix became a legend and developed an interest to play Joker, he was a DC hero for a brief amount of time. The Clown Prince of Crime was pretty young when he featured in a series titled Superboy. He appeared in a short scene where he was imagining himself in the blue costume and casting a laser beam at his bullies.

 3. Jeff Goldblum in Death Wish

Jeff is one of the fan-favorite actors in Hollywood. He has worked in some of the finest movies like Jurassic Park franchise, The Fly, and Thor: Ragnarok that brought him into prominence. But a pretty long time ago, Jeff played a disturbing character that both he and his fans would love to forget. We apologize in advance, for once you see it, there is no going back. He played a thug in Death Wish where he robbed people, sexually harassed cashiers, and raped his victims after cursing and beating them up.

 4. Don Cheadle In Sidekicks

Actors Took Bizarre Movie Roles
Actors Took Bizarre Movie Roles

Thanks to MCU that built Don Cheadle’s career as War Machine in the Avengers movies. Long before becoming a recognizable face in Hollywood, Don played a gang leader with bizarre dressing sense who got kicked on the butt by a little karate champ. Sidekicks was a less-known series where a young boy learns martial arts and uses it to protect the people in need. So, before becoming the mighty hero, Cheadle was a villain who tried to rob a grandpa but got beaten up by a little boy.

 5. Ryan Reynolds In Ordinary Magic

Ryan was a teen when he played a white Gandhi in Ordinary Magic. He depicted a boy who was brought up in India but later moved to Canada with his aunt after his father passed away. Here, the Deadpool actor had an Indian accent and ate with his hands since he couldn’t use forks and knives. He later inspired his aunt and friends to go on a hunger strike and adopt non-violent ways to prevent his aunt’s house from getting demolished.

 6. Brad Pitt in Growing Pains

When you are not so famous it is pretty easy for the directors to use the same actor for different roles in a series. Especially in the ‘80s and ‘90s when the audience wouldn’t pause and go back a few seasons to cross-check. Brad had played two minor roles in the sitcom Growing Pains. He first appeared as Carol’s boyfriend and later showed up like a rockstar. Even Leonardo DiCaprio’s career got a kickstart from this sitcom.

 7. Penelope Cruz in Gothika and Sahara

Actors Took Bizarre Movie Roles
Actors Took Bizarre Movie Roles

There isn’t one but a long list of flop movies that Penelope has starred in over the years. There are high expectations from an actress who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and also earned two nominations for the award. But her back to back choices like Gothika and Sahara brought down her career to such a level that even Oscar awards couldn’t save it.

 8. Jessica Chastain in The Hunstman: Winter’s War

Jessica is a critically-acclaimed actress who is always on the minds of A-list directors while they make a film. Her movies like Interstellar, The Martian, and It Chapter Two have taken her career to a higher platform. Despite her fame and list of terrific projects, Jessica didn’t hesitate from starring in the futile sequel of Snow White And The Huntsman titled, The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The movie had a star cast of Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt too but it went completely unnoticed.

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