Avengers 4: New Look at Steve & Natasha Revealed Through Reshoot Photos

Avengers 4 is going through Reshoots and is in its post-production stage. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 were shot almost back to back having a two-week gap n between their productions. Now that the final Phase 3 movie is hard under postproduction, the reshoots for the film have been finally scheduled. While we have seen quite a lot of set photos for Avengers 4 previously. These Reshoots do give us another look at the cast members.

Captain America and Black Widow had a drastic change in their get-ups in Avengers: Infinity War. Cap took up the MCU version of the Nomad persona and he got all bearded up and had longer hair giving him a more rugged look. It did give the feel of a man who was done taking orders and does not work for anyone anymore.

His true friend and follower Natasha Romanoff also had of change as she went from a regular redhead to blonde. While people wanted to see more of them, they ultimately did not get to do a lot in Avengers: Infinity War as they were sort of sidelined for the sake of the story.

The fans really supported their new looks right from the get-go. Cap’s look, in particular, promised a lot for his character but if we summarize his story arc in the film, he was just reduced to a guy who knew a guy (T’Challa). He got a cool entrance and everything, but it is safe to see that there was some disappointment regarding his character arc. He did not get to do as much as Thor or Iron Man and the same goes for Nat. Still, we are happy that at least they looked awesome and the Directors have already promised an extended role for Steve Rogers in Avengers 4.

While many fans loved the rugged Cap, it is not going to be like that in Avengers 4 as we have seen various set photos which suggest that Cap will don his suit and look similar to the one in the first Avengers due to Time Travel. And even the present version of Steve Rogers will also be back to no beard and have his more comic accurate suit. Same goes for Black Widow as she will be back to having Red Hair.

Black Widow has had a trend. In every Avengers movie, she has short hair while in every other movie where she has the supporting role (Iron Man or Captain America) she has had long hair. But this time around, we will be seeing her having long hair in an Avengers movie. We had these confirmations through the previous set photos and the poster/art of the characters in Avengers 4, but now we have new photos from the Reshoots to back these. Also, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is a part of these photos but there is no change to his look. You can see all the Reshoot photos right here:

Avengers 4

It was apparent that Natasha will be having a totally new hairstyle having her hair tied up this time around. As these photos show the longer hair of Nat, that hairstyle concept is also more or less confirmed.

A while ago Anthony Russo gave us an update on where they are on the matter of finishing the film and he said they will be done by March:

“We’ve worked on the edit all summer and we’re excited to finally get these missing pieces in the film and then we expect to be in post through the fall and winter. We hope to be done by March. It was so gratifying that in a movie with this scope and scale and that wide of an audience, that we were able to end with a gut punch and yet the audience stayed with us and found value and kept coming back…” 

Avengers 4 will come out on May 3, 2019, and here’s the official Synopsis:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films, the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences
to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this
reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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