New MCU Theory Reveals The Secret of Nick Fury’s Eye From Captain Marvel

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The current landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is witnessing a major change with respect to both the roster of main characters and how the villains are perceived in the films. As the movies have dragged on the Marvel Cinematic Universe has flourished and things have taken a very different turn than anyone could’ve ever imagined. Although the fans were sure that we will see the infinity stones play a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none of us could’ve ever imagined watching Iron Man that one day we will witness Josh Brolin’s Thanos erase half of all life in creation with a snap of his fingers. The only respite we have after the events of Infinity War are the movies that come before Endgame. The loss we suffered during the events of Infinity War was magnified by the after credits scene when we lost both Fury and Maria Hill.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

But before Fury was ‘dusted’, he sent out a distress message using a page and the pager was connected to Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. But the question many fans had after the events of Infinity War was that if Fury had a way to contact Carol Danvers all along then why did he not send her a distress request on or before the New York battle or the time when SHIELD was systematically disassembled from within by HYDRA.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

Even a passing fan can question this fact and even point out multiple instances where the interference of Captain Marvel would have mitigated the losses suffered by humanity and yet Fury kept her existence and Earth’s alliance with her well under wraps. Why is that so? Well, we have a theory which may shed some light on the issue. u/swayde620 posted the following theory on r/Fantheories. Take a gander and assess whether the theory is feasible or not and keep reading for the analysis of the facts presented.

[MCU] Nick Fury’s eye (Contains Spoilers) from FanTheories

The theory not only substantiates the reason for Fury’s ignorance and his unwillingness to contact Carol but also tells us why he called when he did. The cat from Captain Marvel, called Goose, has yet again made her mark in the speculation by the fandom. It is not completely unheard of that Marvel will use minor characters in major ways to give supporting characters powerful roles. That is what seems to be happening here.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

It seems like the implication here is that along with all the powers Goose currently possesses (pocket dimensions in her mouth, high danger alert on alien databases, combat abilities, and a degree of clairvoyance), it also gained powers from storing the space stone. For the people who are not well versed in comics, there have been incidents throughout the Marvel comics history where space stone has granted its user more than command over just physical space.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

At its very peak, the space stone is capable of granting its users omniscient knowledge including predicting and knowing the future. It seems that the implication of the Reddit user is that Goose acquired these powers when he absorbed (or rather stored) the space stone and passed it on to Fury with a swing of his paws. The ultimate implication of this incident is said to be a degree of analytical knowledge and the extrasensory perception that granted Fury a large amount of foresight.

Captain Marvel Theory Nick Fury's Eye

And it was this foresight that allowed Fury to analyze all the events that occurred up until the after credits scene of Infinity War. The damaged eye, if Fury gave him the ultimate edge and allowed him to navigate through all the dangers that were thrown at him since 1995 up until he was dusted in 2018. The entirety of the story arc of Fury is centered around him losing his eye but if this theory is to be believed then this loss is exactly what will lead to our ultimate victory, come Avengers: Endgame.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

Do you think that there is any feasibility to the events discussed here or do you think that it is complete and utter hogwash as compared to the actual truth of Avengers: Endgame? We simply do not know. But we would love to hear your opinions about it. Make sure to voice your concerns in the comment section below. Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th 2019, up until then keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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