Movie Twists You Didn’t Know Were Revealed From The Beginning

Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning:

It requires a lot of brain and creativity to make an exciting plot and mind-blowing twists. Action and adventure movies are nothing without the mind-bending twists at the last moment. Things are going smoothly and the hero isn’t far from his goal when suddenly a revelation ups the ante. But were these revelations really saved for the last? Some directors love to play mind-games with the hardcore fans who are expected to think like Sherlock. The clues leading to the twists are always hidden in plain sight from the beginning but they don’t look too obvious or too convenient. But most of the time, fans spot the hint after re-watching the film about 100 times. We have gathered 5 times you didn’t when movie twists were revealed from the beginning.

 1. Red Skull In Captain America

Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning

Herr Schmidt was the primary cold and ruthless villain of Captain America: The First Avengers as the head of HYDRA. But it was revealed later that he was something even bigger than that. As Herr took off his human mask, fans learned that it was none other than the Red Skull. But MCU had cleverly hinted from the beginning that Cap was dealing with his biggest comic book nemesis.

We should have guessed it when in one of the scenes blood had spattered on Herr’s badge that was in the shape of a skull.

But the biggest clue thrown right in front of our eyes was when Herr Schmidt’s portrait was being made with a palette full of red paint. In another scene, there were visible wrinkles near Schmidt’s ear, suggesting it was a mask. Where was our Poirot brain back then? Dammit.

 2. Deadpool 2 Villain

Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning

The movie introduced Cable as the primary villain and the following plot was focused on the war between Deadpool’s X-Force and Cable. But it was the ending that shockingly revealed that the actual villain of the story was Juggernaut. It was the biggest twist of Deadpool 2 that many didn’t see coming since we were lost in Cable and Deadpool’s tussle. But some fans had caught the forewarning long before the movie even released. Deadpool 2 teaser had indicated the appearance of Juggernaught in its first teaser.

The teaser was a parody of Bob Ros’s The Joy Of Painting where the notorious merc was painting supposedly under the influence of cocaine. Right when he has finished the picturesque canvas an image of a large figure appears on the painting. Deadpool is known for going out of the box for its marketing strategies and this teaser sparked a chain of theories.

Some fans assumed the figure to be of Juggernaut and predicted that he would make an appearance in the 2nd installment. The theory was confirmed in the post-credits of Deadpool 2 where he admires his painting with the caption “Nice Juggs!”.

 3. Steven Universe Plot

Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning
Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning

The first episode of Steven Universe had revealed the plot of the hit series. Though a minor moment that seems insignificant, it smartly hid a forewarning in a song. Steven learns that the ice cream brand will stop producing his favorite ice cream sandwich. This Cookie Cat sandwich is advertised with a rap song that sounds too dark for the dessert.

The lyrics go like

“Ohhhh… , he’s a frozen treat with an all-new taste
‘Cause he came to this planet from outer space.
A refugee of an interstellar war

But now he’s at your local grocery store.

Cookie Cat
He left his family behind
Cookie Caaat!”

But if you pay close attention to the lyrics you will realize how similar it sounds to the plot. Steven has three guardians, The Crystal Gems, who are half-human and half-gem. These Crystal Gems were outcasted from their planet for protesting against their planet that is hell-bent on destroying Earth.

 4. The Last Jedi

Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning
Movie Twists Revealed From Beginning

When the First Order attacks the leadership of the Resistance, Leia is sent into space by the Resistance for her safety. But when she returns with her Force powers, she is seen passing through a hologram of the Supremacy ship. Later, as Holdo sacrifices herself, she hits the real ship exactly on the same spot which Leia had passed through.

 5. Logan’s Death

Logan was the best and most thrilling movie in the X-Men franchise. It dived into emotions, human psychology too, apart from the suspense and captivating action. But Logan’s death hit the hardest. Didn’t see that this movie would bring the end of our hero, or did we?

In The Wolverine, when Yukio predicted his death, she saw that Wolverine was on his back with his heart on his hand. Her exact words were “I see you on your back. There’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand.”

It sounded too literal and we assumed it to happen in that movie itself. Though Wolverine didn’t die in that film, he did fulfill the prophecy in Logan. He was lying on his back with blood everywhere and holding his daughter’s hand (his heart). It’s not just a coincidence since the theory was confirmed by director James Mangold.

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