5 Cool DC Characters That Should Be Considered For The Flash Movie

The Flash movie is already set for a 2018 release but word is still slim on what the movie will be about. As The Flash has encountered many superheroes and villains, we have put a list of characters who deserve to be in the mysterious upcoming movie.

The Rogues:


The Rogues which consist of Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, The Trickster and Captain Boomerang all bonded together to fight their common enemy – The Flash. They have been a fan favorite amongst The Flash fandom and for good reason. Their combined forces have gotten the fastest man alive to stop many perils. And there may be a chance that they would be in DCEU’s The Flash movie. Rogues member Captain Boomerang already encounter The Flash in Suicide Squad this year.

Green Arrow:

146836The CW’s TV show may have featured an easy going relationship between The Flash and Green Arrow but that was not always the case in the comics. Both heroes had a rather tumultuous relationship due to their different beliefs. And having a little tension between two heroes would make the movie more interesting, in fact making it more of an event to see for fans.

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