Stupidest Marvel Super Villain Ever Might Become an Avenger

Marvel Super Villain Become an Avenger:

Marvel Comics is filled with a variety of Super-Villains. Short, long, tall, stout, slow, fast – you name it they got it. The Avengers have time and again faced all these villains in the battle to save the Earth from being destroyed. But not in a million years could they have predicted that one of these villains will one day become an Avenger!! And the villain we are referring to might be one of the silliest and stupidest of the entire lot available in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for 2020 Force Works #2 up ahead. If you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away….

The Superhero team known as Force Works was an off-shoot of the Avengers team. Their first incarnation was pretty infamous. They were known more for their losses than their achievements. That did not stop Arno Stark from making a second iteration of the Force Works team though. Over the new robotic regulations and Artificial Intelligence regulations that came into effect after Iron Man 2020, it is a new day for the superhero team with Arno Stark as Iron Man and the de facto head of Stark Unlimited. The second issue of Force Works 2020 saw most of the team is captured by an army of Deathlok Cyborg soldiers who then took them to the Island of Linares where Mockingbird was held captive.

Marvel Super Villain Become an Avenger

War Machine, US Agent, and Quake venture into the island as part of a rescue mission. But their plane is taken down by the local resistance, who then go on to take the captured hostages to the same camp where the already captured superheroes were.

Marvel Super Villain Become an Avenger

The real reason why the Deathlok soldiers kidnapped the Force Works team is brought to light soon after. The soldiers were planning to use the captured hostages as new txt subjects. They would be dissected, their organs and limbs disassembled and replaced with cyborg parts to make them the newest recruits for the Deathlok program. And together, they would take over the Island country. Their plan is cut short by the arrival of an Ultimo unit, a B-Grade villain that was originally designed to destroy planets and has fought the Avengers on numerous occasions. The Force Works team break free after the ensuing chaos.

War Machine is captured amidst the crossfire and is taken to be ‘harvested’. But he is saved by a mysterious figure, who then guides him to safety from the Deathlok soldiers in pursuit. The rest of the Force Works team to rendezvous with War Machine and it is only then that we learn the real identity of the Mysterious figure. As it turns out, MODOK was the one who had saved War Machine and he intends to become a part of the Force Works team.

Marvel Super Villain Become an Avenger

The question that arises now is – Why would he want to do that? Does he have any other ulterior motive behind doing all this?? I guess we will have to wait and find out on the next issue.

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