10 Strongest Superhero Communities of The Comic Book World – Ranked

Strongest Superhero Communities:

Superheroes are a dime a dozen in the comic book world. But only a few of them actually have a common but unique origin story that sets their story apart from the rest. These superhero communities are some of the most well-known names in their worlds and many of them have become a force to be reckoned with.

 10. Bang Babies

Strongest Superhero Communities

Once the property of Milestone Comics, the superhero Static Shock soon got acquired by DC Comics and along with him the Bang Babies also came to the DC Universe. Bang Babies are actually regular humans that were exposed to a mutagenic gas called the Quantum Vapour after a gang war between two rival factions led to a truck carrying the dangerous chemical spilling all over the city. Bang Babies are mutated- meaning they were artificially mutated rather than via natural means to gain superhuman abilities.

Strongest Superhero Communities

Static Shock was one such Bang Baby who would later on become a very famous superhero. The Bang Babies lost their powers after a cure was dispersed into the city of Dakota’s air but most of them regained their abilities by re-inhaling the Quantum Vapour that restored their powers.

 9. Nuhumans

NuHumans are Inhuman-Human hybrids. The Inhuman gene already existed in a vast amount of people within the human populace. But it remained passive and even though was being passed down from one generation to another, without a Terrigen Crystal, it was not possible to activate their powers. That changed after Black Bolt decided to expand his Inhuman Empire by making a Terrigen bomb explode right in the heart of Minnesota, releasing a Terigen Mist big enough to engulf the entire world.

Nuhumans were the result of the Terrigen Mists being inhaled by the people with the latent Inhuman gene in them. They have gained fearsome abilities but are a subject of huge controversy since the Terrigen Mists that were unleashed all over the world turned out to be deadly to mutants the world over.

 8. Lantern Corps

The Lantern Corps do not genetically belong to a unique species that could be grouped together on a singular basis. But they are so many and so prominent that they need to be included as a sect within this list. There are several Lantern Corps – Green, Yellow, Red, Indigo, Blue, White, Black, Orange, and Star Sapphire Corps. All of them have their own criteria for selecting a new member.

The Lantern Corps act as peace-keepers. The Green Lantern Corps is the most well-known inter space police force in the DC Universe. They are also pretty powerful and possess the most powerful weapon in the Universe created by the Guardians of the Universe – the first sentient race in the history of the universe.

 7. Homo Sapiens Superior

Up until now, there has been just one individual that belongs to this category. Vargas claims to be the first of the Homo Sapiens Superior, the evolutionary offshoot of humanity that came into existence to counter the mutants. Vargas claims that he was the result of an entire species’ collective effort to defend their gene pool against another species.

Vargas is superior to a regular human in each and every aspect – speed, strength, durability, intelligence, reflexes, stamina, and endurance. He was an expert fighter and was able to take down Psylocke – an accomplished swordswoman her-self. Vargas proved more than a match for the rest of the X-Men when they were racing against time and Vargas to get their hands on Destiny’s diaries.

 6. Harbingers

Strongest Superhero Communities

In the Valiant Universe, there exists a long-standing myth – they were the creation of a particularly powerful superhero with God-like abilities called Solar. After Solar recreated the entire universe, pockets of humanity emerged that started to gain powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. The Harbingers were pretty much like mutants with the only difference being that it was not a mutation within their DNA that made them special, it was their neural structure instead. Japanese born Toyo Harada formed the Harbinger Foundation and started recruiting other harbingers to his cause. Toyo was an Omega level Harbinger who would activate the powers of other latent Harbingers. Power soon consumed him and he turned evil. Peter Stanchek, the only other Omega Level Harbinger, is now the only thing that stands between Toyo Harada and total world domination.

 5. Children of the Vault

Children of the Vault are the newest enemy of the X-Men. After mutant-kind shifted to the island nation of Krakoa, the Children of the Vault showed up and declared war on them. For many issues, they remained a total mystery and nobody knew where they came from. Later it is revealed that the Children of the Vault are not actually mutants.

They are genetically evolved beings that were derived out of a baseline human genome about 6000 years ago. They are not humans or mutants. Genetic drift from humanity and mutant kind meant that they were an entirely different species. Placed in a temporal ship, the Children of the Vault were artificially evolved to a point where they naturally gained super-human abilities.

 4. Deviants

Strongest Superhero Communities

The Deviants are a demonic-looking race of superhumans that were a result of Celestials experimenting on early proto-humans. The Celestials wanted to observe humanity since they discovered that humanity possessed the genes that would one day give their future generation superhuman physical attributes that would rival that of the Celestials in some aspects. A fraction of the Proto-Humans were used as lab rats and were forced into accelerated evolution within a simulated environment.

Strongest Superhero Communities

While many Proto-Humans became the superhuman God-like beings called the Eternals, the side effects of that experiment were that many of the subjects evolved into Deviants. Deviants have far superior physical attributes and in Marvel Comic Book History, all mythological monsters were actually Deviants. They also possess far superior technological capabilities.

 3. Inhumans

Perhaps the most popular superhuman faction and community after the X-Men, the Inhumans were the result of Kree experimentation on humanity. Like the Celestials, the Kree Empire also realized that humanity had a high chance of gaining god-like abilities once they evolved to a certain extent because of their unique genetic make-up. The Kree captured some humans and used a mutagenic crystalline component called a Terrigen Crystal to activate superpowers within humanity.

Strongest Superhero Communities

This new section of humanity evolved to form the Inhumans. Under the leadership of the Inhuman King Black Bolt, they have made strides into strengthening themselves as a pillar of Earth’s superhuman community and are one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.

 2. Eternals

The Eternals are a race of superhumans that were created by the Celestials, huge cosmic beings that judge the entire universe. The Eternals were created by the Celestials to gauge early humanity’s grasp of the super-human genome, which the Celestials found to be extremely high in early Proto-Humans. The Eternals were successful experiments. They gained vastly powerful energy manipulation abilities and had far greater strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and endurance than the best of humanity. Thanos the Mad Titan is actually an Eternal by birth. The Eternals are one of the most powerful superhuman races in the comic book world.

 1. Mutants

Strongest Superhero Communities

The Mutants are a superhero community that came into existence due to the evolution of humanity with a select few individuals gaining access to the X-Gene, the part of human DNA that is supposedly responsible for granting superpowers. Mutants came to the limelight right after World War Two when humanity started experimenting with nuclear energy, the radiation accelerating the mutations and creating a huge latent pool of people that could pass on the X-Gene to the next generation. Always the runt of the litter, the mutant kind has faced extreme persecution at the hands of the rest of the world that sees them as a threat to their own species’ existence. Interspecies rivalry exists and both sides have radical factions. The Mutants have abilities far beyond human comprehension and some of them are powerful enough to single-handedly destroy the world.

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