Get Ready – Dragon Ball Z’s Goku is Brand Ambassador of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Goku is Brand Ambassador of 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be a historic event for the whole world. Only a handful of nations hailing from Asia have had the honor of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world. South Korea held it in 1988. China hosted the Summer Olympics games in 2008. Tokyo, Japan has hosted the Olympics in 1964. But this time, for the first time in human history, an Asian Country will be hosting the Olympics for a second time, a feat only certain European countries and America have had the honor of achieving. To top it off, Japan has looked towards its thriving anime industry to add a little more spice to the Tokyo Olympics to be held this year.

It takes a certain level of charm and panache to pull off a stunt like this. We are pretty sure no other country could have come up with a better solution when it comes to selecting a mascot the way Japan did it. Japan has a lot of prominent and well-known anime characters that could have taken the position of representing the Tokyo Olympics. Some of the anime heroes that were in the race along with Goku were Monkey D Luffy of One Piece and Naruto of Naruto, both shonen animes that have a worldwide fan base and are extremely popular.

The selection of Goku could be attributed to the fact that he is probably the only character from Japan’s anime industry that has gathered such a huge fan base. It is also the oldest character on the list and the whole world, even though they may not watch anime or read manga, in general, are aware of Goku and the Dragon Ball saga. Against Goku’s sheer pop-culture clout, Naruto and Luffy fall short because the number of fans Goku commands singlehandedly rival that of Luffy’s and Naruto’s combined!

Goku is Brand Ambassador of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Goku is also the fittest character of the three. He regularly trains and challenges himself with impossible situations to push his own boundaries. In many ways, Goku teaches us to let go of your mental inhibitions and train as hard as you can to achieve your goals. It certainly worked well for Goku who trained so diligently that he was chosen to save not just the universe but the entire Multi-Verse!! If Goku can do it, you can too. The Tokyo Olympics choosing Goku as their mascot also means another feather on the cap for Japan’s anime industry, which is thriving and is said to soon rival western television. Things are looking up for the Super Saiyan.

The signs of Goku becoming the new mascot of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics came after the former Japanese Prime Minister announced that like Rio Olympics, the Japanese hosted Tokyo Olympics will take the viewers and the tourists deep into the Japanese Culture and traditions. He made that announcement during the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics which was on 21st August 2016.

Goku is Brand Ambassador of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

But that is not to say that Goku will be alone in this endeavor. A lot of other characters will be joining in and lending a hand to Goku in forwarding the cause. Goku will be joined in by Sailor Moon, Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, and even Mario. Goku will lead the charge but the rest of these characters will also be of vital help. Tokyo Olympics is going to be lit with Goku at the helm!! Are you ready to witness history in the making??

Goku is Brand Ambassador of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The protagonist of Dragon Ball, Goku, appears in most of the episodes of the series. Dragon Ball has a lot of other series apart from Dragon Ball Z, namely – Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball. An anime series that is more than two decades old and still rising immensely in popularity, Dragon Ball is probably the most well-known anime outside Japan and has since become a household phenomenon. Goku was a character created by Akira Toriyama, the legendary creator of the Dragon Ball series. He is based on the Chinese mythological character Son Wukong and Superman.

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