Places to Visit in Kodaikanal You Might Want to Know About

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal:

Located in the Dindigul district of the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is known as the “princess of hill stations.” The hill station was established in the year 1845 to escape from the rising summer temperatures of the plains. It is one of the most popular hill stations in the southern region of India. This small hill station finds a mention in the Tamil Sangam literature too. Tourism is a booming industry and a source of income for the local population. The places to visit in Kodaikanal have been maintained and catered to well by the local community to preserve its culture and heritage.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

  • Kodaikanal Lake: It is hard to believe that Kodaikanal Lake is manmade. Created in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge in the shape of a star, the Lake pulls huge crowds to its fold. The water to the Lake comes from the Palani Hills and the lake also creates the beautiful waterfalls called the Silver Cascade.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

  • Berijam Lake: A great place to get together with family and friends, Berijam Lake is a very popular picnic spot.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

  • Guna Lake: Discovered in 1821 by a British Officer, the Guna Caves are also known as “Devil’s Kitchen.” A must visit if you are in Kodaikanal.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

  • La Saleth Church: Built-in 1846, the church is an ideal combination of Tamil and French style of architecture.
  • Other places to visit in Kodaikanal include Vattakanal Falls, Pambar Falls, Astrophysical Observatory, Kodai Chocolate Factory, and numerous others.

The tall pine trees sway into the tunes of the gentle mountain breeze as if whistling and enjoying the jaunt. The purplish-blue of the Kurinji flowers turn the landscape as if a rich Persian carpet has been unfurled. The places to visit in Kodaikanal make for the most pleasant visit with breathtaking views of nature leaving you wanting more.

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