11 Most Jaw-Droppingly Powerful Kings From DC And Marvel – Ranked

Most Powerful Kings From DC And Marvel:

Royalty is a very tempting element. It is never for the weak-hearted. To rule a land and lead your people takes courage and strength of the highest order. Kingdoms come and go in every page of history but the few who survive are because they have a strong hand guiding their stroll. The Comic Books have had their fair share of such powerful warriors that call themselves the king of their people. But among those, how powerful is everybody if put on a scale? Can these Royal Silver-Spoons actually be ranked? Are they beyond our reach? We will see for sure. Some rule a city while others rule entire worlds. Some have had their domain extended to the whole multi-verse.

 1. Dracula

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Dracula is the King of all Vampires. Born and brought up in the ancient kingdom of Transylvania, Dracula became a King when he was just a child. After battling for his Kingdom and losing most of his childhood to war, Dracula was finally mortally wounded in battle by a Turkish Warlord, who took him to a Gypsy for healing him. The Gypsy was a Vampire herself and she transformed Dracula into a Vampire by drinking his blood. Dracula would then use his newfound vampire powers to take over the Kingdom of Transylvania, defeat the Turks and bring about the end of the world until he was stopped and sent to an early grave.

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

But since he was immortal, Dracula just went into hibernation. When he arose back in the 21st Century, he had become even more powerful. Apart from controlling the world’s entire population of vampires, he also had several supernatural powers at his disposal like weather control, Hypnosis, and a regenerative healing factor.

 2. Gorilla Grodd

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Gorilla Grodd is traditionally a Flash villain. But he has had his fair share of power hungry modes in the past. In The Flashpoint Paradox, we learn that Gorilla Grodd has not only conquered Gorilla City but also used his shrewd intellect and tactical ingenuity to conquer the whole African Continent!

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The only reason Grodd became a bloodthirsty emperor was because he wanted the Western Powers to acknowledge the Gorilla Kingdom, who just decided to focus all their energies on the then on-going Atlantean-Amazon War. The reason Grodd is in the lost is very simple – he is not only Royalty but he also used his greatest core competencies to turn one city into a continent spanning Kingdom and even became a threat to the entire Free World.

 3. Namor

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Namor is the King of the Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis in Marvel Comics. Like his DC Comic book counterpart, Namor is a very celebrated and well-respected figure within his people. But he is termed an anti-hero, meaning he does as he pleases and is not above doing the wrong things to get to the right end of the job. Namor is also considered the first ever mutant superhero to grace the comic book panel. His power of flight, his command over the vast resources of Atlantis and his experience and intellect make him a very powerful enemy to cross paths with.

 4. Highfather

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

He may not necessarily be a King but he is treated as one. He is called the All-Father of New Genesis, a planet that exists in another dimension called the Fourth World. Highfather rules all of New Genesis, that is populated solely by extremely powerful beings called the New Gods. His powers allow him to directly communicate with the Source and at one point of time Highfather had access to the Life Equation, making him infinitely stronger. He commands the vast resources of New Genesis and with the Life Equation, has the ability to change the fate of the universe, by changing the fate of the multi-verse by changing the codes of the equation, effectively making him a cosmic entity that can do literally whatever he wishes to.

 5. Black Bolt

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The King of the Inhumans is a barely-speaking half-human, half Kree warrior that rules over the Inhuman City of Attilan. What sets Black Bolt apart from the rest of the Kings in this group is that Black Bolt has very few people who oppose his rule. Apart from his mad brother Maximus and a select few disloyal subjects, Black Bolt has to face very few dissenters. A loyal following is only one of his many perks.

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Black Bolt’s army is small but is composed of some of the most powerful super human warriors the universe has ever seen. Black Bolt also has his own special skill-set that makes him a Powerful Ruler. A whisper from Black Bolt can level mountains. If the guy screams, he can rip apart the space-time continuum. His powerful voice is what stops people from trying to get on his bad side.

 6. Black Adam

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The World’s Mightiest Mortal – Captain Marvel aka Shazam was never the first one to inherit the power of the Gods. Before him, was Teth Adam who was chosen by the Wizard him-self to be the new champion of the world! But he turned evil and was banished later. He returned as Black Adam, a super villain who has the same powers as Shazam but with none of the morality. Black Adam is essentially an anti-hero now. He has settled down in small nation called Kahndaq, where he rules everyone along with his wife Isis and his brother in law Osiris. His kingdom may not be as popular but this one guy alone is enough to take down heavyweights like Superman.

 7. Black Panther

Most Powerful Kings DC MarvelThis Small, isolated African Nation is home to one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth! Black Panther is the King of Wakanda, a city that is so advanced in terms of science and technology that it almost looks alien. Riding on the vast reserves of Vibranium within her heart, Wakanda has become richer than even the United States. Black Panther aka T’Challa hails from the ruling Panther Tribe and has all of his nation’s resources at his disposal. T’Challa is also a trained martial artist and a genius. After eating the heart-shaped herb, he also has access to super-human physical attributes. Black Panther is one King nobody in the whole wide universe would like to be enemies with!

 8. Thor

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The God of Thunder recently became a King in the MCU. But he was already King in the comic books. King Thor rules Asgard, an extra-dimensional space that is inhabited by Asgardians. With his hammer, he regularly works miracles. Thor is also one of the toughest superheroes to ever exist. When you pool all his skills together with the fact that he rules Asgard – the mythical realm of the Gods, you got one royal package.

 9. Aquaman

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Aquaman aka Arthur Curry is a half-human and half-Atlantean being. He is also the King of Atlantis and the Ruler of the Seven Seas. Aquaman has superhuman strength, speed, agility, ability to breathe underwater, durability, endurance and a host of other skills. With his magical Trident, he can control the oceans and everything that lives in them.  Atlantis is itself a powerful Kingdom, commanding weapons and resources the other nations of the world could only dream of.

 10. Doctor Doom

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

All hail God Emperor Doom!! This guy has done it all. Starting out with a small European nation called Latveria, Doom became one of the most powerful monarchs to ever exist after he turned his nation into an economic utopia by making its people embrace technology like never before. The guy is also well-versed in Dark Magic and is one of the world’s foremost authorities when it comes to the supernatural. Doctor Doom once stole the power of a Beyonder and started the events in Secret Wars, which led him into becoming the ruler of the entire multi-verse after he combined all universes into one, calling it Battle-World.

 11. Darkseid

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The last and final entry on this list is kind of an obvious choice. Darkseid is the King of Apokolips and DC Comic Book Universe’s God of Evil. As King, he commands a never-ending army of para-demons, alien slaves that are tormented and mutilated into becoming cannon fodder after Apokolips conquers their world. The guy alone is enough to take down the entire Justice League. With his army of new Gods and Para-demons, he can conquer the entire universe multiple times over.

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