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    11 Most Jaw-Droppingly Powerful Kings From DC And Marvel – Ranked

    Most Powerful Kings From DC And Marvel: Royalty is a very tempting element. It is never for the weak-hearted. To rule a land and lead your people takes courage and strength of the highest order. Kingdoms come and go in every page of history but the few who survive are because they have a strong hand guiding their stroll. The…

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    Marvel’s New IRON MAN Officially Named IRONHEART

    It was reported in July that the hero Iron Man moniker will be taken over from Tony Stark by fifteen-year-old prodigy Riri Williams-Williams makes her own version of the famous superhero’s suit. The website Wired now reports that Williams will have another title to her version of Iron Man. Williams has been named Ironheart. The change of name was taken…

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