6 Alternate Versions of X-Men You Never Knew About

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have created several iconic characters including Marvel’s most distinct group of mutants. Traversing throughout several generations, the group has always brought good stories for its fans. With various alternate realities and diverging timelines, their stories have brought several time-travelling stories by bringing several versions of the mutants in the comic book world. The group has gone through alternate realities. Here we bring you six best versions of X-Men.

 1) Ultimate X-Men


Several titles like Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers were launched during the Marvel’s The Ultimate Universe with some modern changes. Miller out a new spin on the characters, which would probably be fading off in future. The characters’ impression was kind of limited. Miller worked with Adam Kubert and decided to make changes for a new generation keeping the same elements in the group for old fans who love X-Men.

2) X-Babies


Created by Chris Claremont and Art Adams, X-Babies made their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men Annual #12. They were used as the clones of it under the leadership of villain Mojo. They were primarily used to boost the entertainment of Mojoverse citizens. Not only that, Mojo used it to control X-Men. Well, the baby version of X-Men was able to stand equivalent to its adult version.

3) Uncanny X-Force


Created by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, Uncanny X-Force is a crazy group of Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Archangel. It is one the badass teams of mutants and is a bit humorous because of Merc With The Mouth. The illustration is beautiful and Wolverine appears to be in the lead as it is always mean to do.

4) Astonishing X-Men

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday are two of the most brilliant and funniest storytellers in the comic book world. The Astonishing X-Men is a different take on iconic X-Men group. It included new members like Kavita Rao and Ord and the overall impression of the storyline is quite giant than the other alternate versions. 

5) X-Factor Vol. Three

The reinvention of X-Factor series of the 90s is way different than any other X-book the comic book lovers have read. This one reopens the X-Factor investigations and you will see some faces and some characters being depowered. Peter David has always executed the actions of characters well in his stories.

6) House of M

House of M is one of the most adventurous X-book stories which affected the mutants of the comic book world than Age of Apocalypse. The story focuses on the Scarlet Witch’s reality powers, which bring some tension among other X-Men members.

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