Fourth Part for The Matrix?

The Matrix was released in the year 1999 and became a huge box-office success. The movie is written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers.  The critical response was also fabulous and the movie is considered as one of the best science fiction thrillers ever made. Before the movie release, no one expected it to a kickass film.

Matrix is a fake reality and the real world is ruled by machines created by human beings. Neo was trapped in it and has been living in it from his birth. Morpheus is the member of the group (rebels) who has the ability to hack The Matrix and saves them from enslavement and recruits them as rebels. They possess superhuman abilities with which they could break the physical laws. The action scenes in the movie are mind-blowing and are continuously being copied in many films even now. But sadly, none of those action scenes could even match to the original.

The sequel, The Matrix Reloaded was released in the year 2003. The movie got favorable reviews from the critics and general audience even though the film lacked the thrill and enthusiasm given by its predecessor. This movie also did wonders in the box-office. The same year, the third installment in the franchise was released and it was named as The Matrix Revolutions.  But the movie was a total chaos which offered nothing other than disappointment. The movie was heavily panned by the critics and even the hardcore fans were not satisfied. The box-office performance was also poor.

Now it has been about long 17 years after the release of The Matrix and the way the trilogy ended was also not satisfactory. So, are there any possibilities for a fourth part? Joel Silver who was the executive producer of Matrix recently said that they haven’t planned anything about it so far as the franchise was originally designed as three stories and it ended with the third part. He also said to wait and see what happens in the future. So it is clear from Joel Silver’s words that even though the world of Neo ended with the third part, there is still a possibility for a fourth part.

Joyal Jose

Joyal is an ardent movie lover and he tries to watch all the movies at the very first day of its release and even the very first show. He loves to remain simple always just like his inspirational hero Ajith Kumar (Actor). His love for Paul Walker is never ending and he misses him like anything. He loves his sister more than anything else in this world. One of his most favorite hobbies is to review movies, but he never rates them. According to his concept, he is no one to rate someone else’s work. The ultimate aim of his life is to become a script writer in the Malayalam film industry.
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