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6 Movies That Got Review Bombed Way Before Their Release

Review-Bombing is just a fancy word for trolling or bullying. In theory, a review bomb is an internet phenomenon in which large groups of people leave negative user reviews online in an attempt to harm the sales or popularity of a product. The people who do this are mostly those who haven’t even seen the work they are reviewing. These people stop at nothing until they fill the reviews with enough negative reviews that there is no coming back. In recent years, these people have used their power to strong hand movies to remove the characters they don’t like. The examples of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Last Of Us: Part II received a lot of negative comments even before they got out. And we are just starting. Here are 6 more movies that got review bombed before their theatrical releases.

1. THE PROMISE (2016)


The 2016 film, The Promise starred Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale in the lead. The movie is based around the time of the Armenian Genocide that is still regarded as one of the saddest moments in human history. However, some people disliked the timeline the movie was based in. As a way of spreading their disaffection, these people took to the internet to spread thousands of one-star reviews. But the worst part is that it all happened before the movie was even released. Even when the movie came out, any number of good reviews couldn’t compensate for all the hate caused by the deniers of the Armenian Genocide.


2. ETERNALS(2021)

MCU’s latest entry, Eternals, faced a lot of backlash for openly including LGBTQ characters. But this is not the first time that a thing like this has happened. Many backward users who still can’t accept the LGBTQ+ community often review-bomb the movies for including the gay characters or characters who are just above the distinction between genders.

Movies that got review bombed

MCU’s Eternals’ trailer revealed Phastos to be an openly gay character with a husband and an adopted son. And the review-bombers didn’t like the fact that MCU was finally addressing this issue. As a result, they released waves and waves of negative reviews all over the internet. Though the movie was not their strongest one, it didn’t deserve the hate it got. Thanks to them, Eternals is the lowest-rated MCU in the last 13 years or so.



Unlike the movies before this, The Suicide Squad didn’t get review-bombed because of any social issues. This time, the reason was actually the bad reviews its predecessor got. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was not a very good movie but its unique nature made it a box office success. As a result, James Gunn was called upon to reboot the franchise. But the movie was welcomed with a puff of review bombs.


Though many users had mixed reasons for the bombing, the main two reasons were the light comedic nature of Gunn’s Squad. But as anyone who has seen the movie, the movie was not one bit as light as these fans would have hoped. The movie was a gore fest and kept up with the expectations of the audience for a dark movie. The second reason was the cancelling the sequels to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The movie had just come out and Snyder fans were in anger with the developers for ending their contract with Snyder.



Captain Marvel was supposed to be the first female-led MCU film, and this left it vulnerable to review-bombers. The movie focuses on all the elements of the society a woman has to face to achieve success. This led to a whole lot of users organizing groups to bomb the movie before it even came out. This led to Rotten Tomatoes removing the option to review a movie before it comes out, just like IMDb.



Movies that got review bombed

The 2016’s Ghostbusters’ developers did a stunt by including an all-women cast in the movie. And this led to a big controversy among the people. Even though it swayed away from the social issues of feminism as far as possible, the audience didn’t like this iteration of the Ghostbusters. The main reason might have been the love many people had for the 1984 classic. But during the time where review-bombing was a fairly new concept, the bombers sure left an impact on this movie.



When Black Panther was about to come out, many people were bothered with a black-dominated movie. These people started spreading their hate in the form of bad reviews all across sites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb or Metacritic. In one of the users’ reviews, the movie was described as a ‘woke’ display by Disney and Marvel.

But when the movie came out, it turned out to be one of the best films Hollywood has ever produced. The movie went on to be nominated in Oscars and even won an award. The movie still stands as the best MCU movie and it is proof that review bombs are baseless claims of people who have not even watched the movie.

So these were the movies that got review bombed by the fans before their release.

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