9 Theories We Have After The She-Hulk Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a stupendous pace. We expect to see this growth for the next couple of years before the studio decides to take a breather from character debuts and kick things into high gear for the Phase IV finale. But before that can happen, a lot of stuff needs to occur. We only get snippets of the future from Marvel’s content. Recently, the She-Hulk trailer came out and it sparked the discussion anew. Here are 9 theories we have after The She-Hulk trailer. Take a look and let us know if we missed any.

Avenger Material

The reason why Marvel Studios has been slowly introducing supporting characters to their universe one by one is that they want to bolster the Avengers’ roster. They are giving each main hero their own powerful espionage which allows them to create more epic battle sequences. Hence it would make sense if Jennifer Walters were to become an Avenger in the future.


Titania’s Plan

We think that Jameela Jamil’s character in the movie will be a colleague of Jennifer Walters. It is more than likely that at the start of the show Jameela’s character might be the more popular one. We think that the She-Hulk transformation might end up stealing Jameela’s thunder which would lead to her becoming Titania and targeting Jennifer Walters specifically. It might be a weird theory but it makes a lot of sense.


Mentor Hulk

We also think that the first time Walters changes into She-Hulk, she might go on a rampage. This rampage would most likely be stopped by The Hulk. The Hulk would then take up the responsibility of training Walters in a way that she is able to maintain her sanity after her transformation. This is something that took Banner a long amount of time. Professor Hulk only showed up in Endgame, so imagine how lucky Walters is to have someone to show her the ropes.


Professor Hulk Is The New Hulk

Another theory that we have is that The Hulk can no longer go back to being Bruce Banner. The damage done by 6 infinity stones on his body was immense and to heal it The Hulk used every last bit of his power. So this may mean that he can no longer go back to being Bruce ever because he no longer has the energy to exert. His body may have adjusted to being one entity as Professor Hulk and doing anything to it may cause undue stress. Well, we don’t mind because at least The Hulk can make jokes now.


The Source of She-Hulk’s Power

There are two prevailing theories as to where Jennifer Walters gets her powers from. One theory has many variations but always ends up involving The High Evolutionary one way or the other. The other theory suggests that Bruce will transfuse some of his blood into Jennifer’s body to save her life. This would lead to her becoming the She-Hulk.


Frog-Man’s Role

Frog-Man is a favorite character of comic fans but we are not sure what is here to do. Is he an ally or a foe in this version of the universe? Will he assist Jennifer or will he be just a nuisance on screen? We think he will just be a vigilante who will get in some trouble with the law and Jennifer might have to fight his case in the course of her work.


Val’s Cameo

Theories we have after the She-Hulk trailer

We think that there is a good chance that Val will appear in some form or the other in the show. She might just approach She-Hulk in an after-credits scene of the finale of the show. But she has already begun to move as was apparent in Hawkeye. Now, things will get interesting if she comes into direct contact with She-Hulk.


The Thunderbolts

Now that She-Hulk is here and Tim Roth has come back to the MCU, we can only assume that General Ross will become the Red Hulk in the future. If that wish of ours comes true then we can also expect to see a Thunderbolts team-up by the end of Phase IV. It would be interesting to see them fight their own variant of Kang.


Abomination’s Trial

Apparently, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a very strange and slow justice system. A monster that was imprisoned about 15 years ago is only just being tried. Abomination and Tim Roth return to the MCU and we think that Jennifer Walters is their lawyer. What a beautiful explosion this is. We cannot wait to see how Walters will rescue the Abomination from his prison cell.


These were the theories that we have after the She-Hulk trailer. Do you think there can be more theories too? Comment down your answers.

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