10 Possible Superheroes Pakistani Actor Kumail Nanjiani Might Play in Marvel’s The Eternals

The Eternals movie is no longer just a pipe dream. Marvel Studios has officially started work on making the movie a reality. The Eternals are a group of superhuman offshoots of humanity that have gained the ability to harness the cosmic energy of the universe and as a result, are a godlike race of beings that are as powerful as any superhero within the Avengers. The Eternals is also the race Thanos the Mad Titan belongs to. The movie is reportedly going to feature Angelina Jolie as well as Richard Madden and Korean superstar Dong-Seok Ma. There are also talks of Keanu Reeves being a part of the film. But the one name that has irked the fans so much is Kumail Nanjiani. The Pakistani-American actor has been confirmed to play a major role in the upcoming Eternals movie. And we still do not know which character he is slated to play. But we do have some theories regarding that. Presenting – 10 Possible Superheroes Pakistani Actor Kumail Nanjiani might play in Marvel’s Eternals!!

 10. Starfox

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Kumail Nanjiani is famous for playing care-free characters that have good looks and a good sense of humour. Enter Starfox – the most care-free Eternal ever. Starfox was introduced by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich in the year 1973. His real name is Eros and he is the brother of Thanos the Mad Titan. Unlike Thanos and the other Eternals, a race that consists of beings that are almost always serious and take things quite in the literal sense, Eros likes to play around and crack jokes. He is more of a comic relief than a superhero. Starfox gained prominence in recent years after a storyline saw him stand trial in court after he was accused of using his powers to sexually manipulate another woman. He ended up being screwed over by his own lawyer, She-Hulk after she found out that she was also one of Starfox’s victims.

 9. Hercules

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

This one might be a longshot. Hercules is the Greek God of strength. Casting Nanjiani, who looks physically very timid, could backfire. But here is the thing – there have been other characters in the past that did not look as bulky or intimidating and yet they managed to challenge giants and win the fight. Wonder Woman is one example. If you got magic by your side, you can have all the strength in the world without having a bulkier, chiseled physique. Kumail Nanjiani, if cast as the Greek God Hercules, will; only add up to be a huge surprise twist of a take on the classic Marvel character.

 8. Druig

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

The four characters that are bound to appear in the Eternals movie are – Okaris, Sersi, Druig and Makkari. From those four names, the only one that is evil is Druig. Many claim that Druig is going to be the antagonist of the movie. Introduced by Jack Kirby as a villainous character decades ago in the Marvel Comics Universe, Druid has evolved into a more modern and contemporary villain with complex layers that add to his character depth.  Druig is called the Lord of Flames and Nightmares. He is a Polarian Eternal and the sob of Valkin, another famous Eternal. Druig is connected to almost every character that is going to appear in the Eternals movie so it is rational to think that they are going to choose a seasoned actor to play him. It will be either Kumail Nanjiani or Keanu Reeves who plays this guy.

7. The Forgotten One

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Marvel Wiki has this to say about this guy:

“In ancient times the mighty Eternal roamed the Earth aiding ordinary human beings by overthrowing tyrants and slaying dangerous beasts. Somehow unaware of his membership to the Eternals, he quested for eternal life. He was often mistaken with (and consequently known as) Samson and Hercules.”

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

The Forgotten One is a really ancient Eternal that roamed the planet long ago. He would one day become Gilgamesh, King of Uruk is Sumeria. It was during the Neolithic age of man that he was most popular. Since the movie will span more than a thousand years, we can expect the Forgotten One to make an appearance.

 6. Makkari

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Makkari is the fastest Eternal ever. While the rest of his kind uses the cosmic energy they are endowed with to bolster their entire physical skill-set, Makkari only uses it to enhance one aspect of his own – speed. Makkari was born to the Engineering Guild and since childhood, has learned the various intricacies of advanced Eternal technology. He uses his technological aptitude to create vessels and equipment that further amplify his already impressive speed. Makkari once visited an ancient human civilization in the past. As Thoth, he taught the Egyptians mathematics, which is how the scrawny little guys learned how to make huge structures like the Pyramids.

 5. Zuras

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Kronos is pretty much considered the first legendary Eternal, a guy who took his people to new heights and would one day become a God himself. Zuras and A’lars were the two sons of Kronos. Together, they created the Eternals’ first Uni-Mind construct. When Kronos decided to give up the mantle of leadership to one of his two sons, he chose Zuras to lead the Eternals on Earth. A’lars decided to leave the planet in order to ensure there is never disunity amongst the Eternals since A’lars also had a large number of followers. A’lars would later spearhead the building of the Eternal off-planet colony on Titan, the home planet of Thanos.

 4. Domo

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Many would claim that Domo is just a carbon copy of Metron, a DC Comics New God. Domo though has a vastly different role than Metron’s. He is a servant of Zuras and is responsible for dispensing his views to the rest of the Eternals. Domo’s job is to convey truth – the will of Zuras to the Eternals all over the globe. It will be quite difficult for Disney to justify why they would cast a person of colour and someone as talented as Nanjiani in such a trivial role of a servant. This may not happen at all but it is still a possibility.

 3. The Uni-Mind

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

The Uni-Mind is similar to the Kree Supreme Intelligence in more ways than one. It is also vastly different in other aspects. The Kree Supreme Intelligence is the amalgamation of all the knowledge acquired by the Kree empire governed by an intelligence that is formed off all the dead Kree’s minds being melded into a singular entity. The Uni-Mind is formed similarly, by combining several Eternals to form a unified intelligence. But they do not need to die for that to happen. The Uni-Mind could be played by Nanjiani in the same way Annette Bening played the Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel.

 2. Ajak

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Ajak is an Eternal of Polarian origin the same way Druig is. Ajak is one of the most honourable Eternals to ever exist and values chivalry above everything. He is also one of the strongest close combat fighters in the Eternal race. Ajak is a close friend of another well-known Eternal Ikaris. He is known to have played a vital role in ancient human civilizations. Ajak played a hand in forming the various myths that led to the formation of the Norse and Greek Mythology.

 1. Phastos

Kumail Nanjiani Marvel The Eternals

Phastos is a truly gifted weaponsmith of the Eternals race. He helped develop and fashion many weapons technology that the Eternal cities and warships use to defend themselves. Phastos was once mistaken for the Greek God Hephaestus in the past, who is also a brilliant weapons craftsman like him. What makes Phastos really interesting is that despite being from a race that is geared towards war-making and being a weaponsmith that has created dozens of weapons that have killed and maimed thousands of sentient creatures, he is a pacifist and has mixed feelings when it comes to violence.

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