10 Characters Henry Cavill Could Play in the MCU Apart From Wolverine

Henry Cavill deserves to continue playing Superman. And after having impressed everyone with his bad-ass roles in Mission: Impossible – Fallout and The Witcher, he totally deserves to join the MCU. For quite a while, there has been a lot of chatter about Cavill being in the MCU. Like Keanu Reeves, his name is bring attached to almost every major upcoming character. Recently, we heard rumors for Cavill to make his MCU debut as Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. But then we enunciated why he shouldn’t play Wolverine. Here are 10 other cool characters that would be much more suitable for our (Former) Superman:


Look at this image and tell us that you don’t see a wild, animal hunter in Cavill. He may have to take on a different accent to play the Spider-Man villain, but we believe that Cavill is talented enough to do that convincingly. The advantage that Sony will have after casting Henry Cavill as Kraven is that they could have him as a lead for their solo Kraven movie. And just like Tom Hardy, Cavill could pull a big number of people into the theatres.


Having seen the Witcher, Cavill can certainly pull off a role that requires a decent amount of seriousness and very little dialogues. In fact, in this case there won’t be any dialogues whatsoever. Blackbolt is a major character and Cavill could surely do justice to this role.

Captain Britain

 Characters Henry Cavill Could Play in the MCU

Cavill’s British. With his stoic persona, Captain Britain would be a perfect role for him. He has been fan cast as Brian Braddock for a long time, and his established fandom would certainly be attracted towards the rather obscure character i.e. Captain Britain.


Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

Transitioning from Superman to the king of Atlantis would really seem awesome. Girls (and dudes) are going to love it if Cavill were to be shirtless the entire time. And with the Witcher, we’ve seen that Cavill can play an Anti-hero really well. So, Namor would be great. Although Cavill most definitely won’t be the first choice for the character.


Hyperion has quite a lot of similarities to Superman. In fact Hyperion & his Squadron supreme are actually a rip-off of DC’s heavy hitters, the Justice League. So if WB doesn’t do justice to Cavill’s Superman by bringing him back, then Marvel could grab Cavill for a similar role and really fulfill our hunger. Hyperion could either come in as a bad guy like he was used in the first season of Avengers Assemble, or he could actually lead the Squadron Supreme, originating from a different Earth in the MCU.

The Sentry

Talking about a similar role to Superman, we’d certainly love it if Cavill plays Robert Reynolds aka The Sentry. This is a role that will be even better than Hyperion. That’s because this role will also allow Cavill to pursue his darker side with The Void! For those who are not aware, the Void is actually a part of Sentry himself. He made the world forget about The Sentry, and this is a story that could work well within the bounds of the MCU. And, Sentry could be proven as the most powerful character. People would surely dig that.


 Characters Henry Cavill Could Play in the MCU

From one heat vision character to another, Cavill would look quite amazing as Cyclops. Marvel has to make Cyclops the leader of the X-Men this time, and Cavill’s personality would really fit in with the leadership role. It will be amazing to see how this version of Cyclops will hit it off with the likes of Wolverine.

Adam Warlock

 Characters Henry Cavill Could Play in the MCU

Adam Warlock is supposed to begin his MCU arc possibly as a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. There’s something about Cavill that makes us want to see him play an omnipotent villain. Then obviously, he could turn into the Multiversal hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe later on. At some point of time, we would’ve got to witness an evil, dark Superman in the DCEU. Well, Cavill could pull that off in a much better way playing the golden Adam Warlock in the MCU.

Silver Surfer

Superheroes Who Got Major Power Upgrades

With Cavill’s acting chops, he could also do justice to Norrin Radd. Since Silver Surfer is going to get major importance in the MCU, we’d like to see Cavill don the role of the Herald of Galactus. Rumor has it that the Silver Surfer will be getting a solo outing in the MCU. So again, Henry Cavill could lead his solo MCU movie playing Norrin Radd.


 Characters Henry Cavill Could Play in the MCU

Who doesn’t want Cavill to play a demigod with that hunky bod?! If this casting does happen, then we’d actually get to see Cavill take on the likes of Thor in the MCU. So in a way, that would give us Superman vs. Thor on the big screen. Only this time, it won’t be someone with the power of flight or heat vision, but a wise cracking bare-chested bad-ass.

Marvel Villains

There are a few other characters that Cavill could also play. Names like Nova, Daredevil, etc. could come to our mind. On the side of the villains, Cavill could actually be the omnipotent ‘Beyonder’. Do you agree with our list? Or would you rather have Henry Cavill continue playing Superman and never join the MCU at all. Tell us in the comments on Facebook.

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