10 MCU Forewarnings In The Movies That You Missed

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies:

Omens are very common in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you watch carefully. One needs to be a pro with semiotics to decipher these hints dropped by the movies. Once the event has already taken place is when we trace back the warning in the previous movies. Catching signs and Easter-Eggs is exactly what sets apart MCU from the rest superhero genre. It transcends the action, visuals, and adventures to explore strong emotions and hidden meanings. Its first three phases have taught us that the franchise always warns about the significant happenings of the future in advance. This should prepare us for the upcoming phases. For now, let us look back at the 10 MCU forewarnings in the movies that you missed.

 1. Whiplash Speaks Of Thanos’s Bleeding

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies
MCU Forewarnings In The Movies

In Iron Man 2, Whiplash told Tony “If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him.” This dialogue plays as a direct link to Avengers: Infinity War when Tony made Thanos bleed and the Mad Titan replied “All that for a drop of blood”. The Titan was nearly invincible with his cosmic powers and Infinity stones but Tony leaving a scratch on him changed a lot of things.

 2. Peter Parker Wearing Fool’s Mask

MCU loves to play with warnings and ironies. Even in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio was fooling Spider-Man all throughout the movie. So, it becomes pretty ironic and funny that Peter Parker was wearing the fool’s mask in the film. Maybe listening to aunt May and carrying his own mask would have made a difference.

 3. Odin Pointed Out New Asgard Long Before

Another warning was given about a major change in Thor: Ragnarok. During his last moments when Odin met Thor and Loki in Norway, he told them before leaving “Remember this place…. Home”. That is exactly where the New Asgard was built on Earth.

 4. Ultron’s Irony In Vision

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies

Avengers: Age of Ultron was about Tony Stark’s android that gained its own consciences and transformed into a super-smart being who wished to destroy humanity. At the beginning of the movie, Ultron refers to himself when he tells Wanda” everyone creates the thing they dread.” It was ironic as Ultron ended up creating Vision and brought death upon himself.

 5. Liz’s Drawing

Spider-Man: Homecoming too left an Easter egg in the most unexpected way. Truth be told, it was pretty easy to catch this hint but most of us didn’t pay attention to it. Vulture’s daughter and Peter Parker’s crush Liz had drawn the Battle of New York that meant more than one thing. First that it was the same battle that drove her father out of business and turned him into a Vulture. The second meaning was pretty interesting because her Hawkeye was holding a sword instead of his usual bow and arrow. We never understood the reason behind it until Avengers: Endgame where Clint Barton had become Ronin in Japan.

 6. Thor Losing His Eye Was Hinted

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies

In Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder had accidentally stepped on an Asgardian art of himself which resulted in a crack on one of his eyes in the painting. This image appeared minutes before Thor’s evil sister Hela destroyed one of his eyes for real.

 7. Tony Stark’s Swallow

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies

At the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark’s spaceship resembled the Swallow symbol. The Swallow signifies hope and is also associated with fertility. And as we saw, Tony got to live his life for the next five years and also had a daughter with Pepper.

 8. When Mysterio Held In Glasses Like A Gun

MCU Forewarnings In The Movies
MCU Forewarnings In The Movies

Spider-Man: Far from Home was a mind-boggling movie not just for the audience but also for Peter Parker. It was hard to tell the difference between real and fake. But apart from Spider-Man sense or the “Peter-Tingle”, one could guess what Mysterio was up to if one paid attention. By the end of the battle, the hologram Mysterio was handing out his glasses to Peter as if he was pointing a gun at him. Well, the real Mysterio was trying to shoot Peter, indeed.

 9. Thanos Experienced His Defeat

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos spoke of defeat as if he had gone through it before. He described it as a feeling where one’s legs turn to jelly. We don’t know when he experienced it but later in Endgame, Thanos’s past self sat on the ground after Iron Man’s snap wiped out his army.

 10. Original Wasp’s Silhouette

We all assumed that Janet Van Dyne was dead until Ant-Man and the Wasp. But some viewers with the eye of an eagle discovered that she was alive from the first Ant-Man movie. Some fans slowed down the video when Scott Lang was passing through the quantum realm and spotted a silhouette of the original Wasp.

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