15 Strongest Villains of DC Universe Ranked

There are a lot of villains in the DC universe and it’s really difficult to rank them but still, we will rank the strongest villains of DC for you. But, there’s a little twist in the list as we are just focusing on the villains who have appeared on the big screen. So, in order to know the name of that villain you have to say yes to this roller-coaster ride of blood and evil things as the list is filled with a lot of tremendously bad and evil names. So, here’s your list down below and if you don’t agree by our picks then do tell us about yours in the comments section down below.

 15. Harley Quinn:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Well, many of you think that Harley is nothing more than an average psycho with armed and other deadly weapons but her biggest advantage is that her opponents underestimate her a lot and is the reason why she gets better of her opponents every time. She has a massive experience under her belt, as a result of which she is a really deadly villain who already has had fights with superheroes like Dark Knight and many others.

 14. Joker:

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Joker is not actually a metahuman. He doesn’t have any special skills or superpowers, it’s just that he is insane, and that’s his power. The insanity inside him creeps everyone around him, including Batman. The qualities he possesses are unpredictability and incredible intelligence which let him encounter even the strongest of superheroes. As a simple being, the Joker can be a tough opponent, and we wonder how much devastation he’d make in his wake if he was a real metahuman.

 13. Lex Luthor:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Well, Joker and Lex Luthor are the two villains of DC Universe who have been quite fundamental in their respective journeys as both villains have shown one thing time and time again that you don’t need superpowers in order to beat or make superheroes vulnerable. And that’s exactly what Lex Luthor has done on a lot of occasions. Well, you simply can’t underestimate the intelligence of a villain who made Superman and Batman fight with each other.

 12. Killer Croc:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Killer Croc, a big, vicious, natural born and a cold-blooded villain. Waylon Jones, also known as Killer Croc is an actual metahuman who took birth with a genetic condition that gave him superhuman strength with some reptile-like flesh. Initially, he started as a wrestler but soon turned to crime after realizing that it was a more profitable option. Jones can be a powerful opponent, even for the Batman and this is the reason he is kept in a special cell in Belle Reve so that the guards can interact with him at a safe distance, only when necessary.

 11. Deadshot:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

We can say, Deadshot is a villain that actually possess superpowers of his own. He is skilled and well-trained melee combat but his real superpower is the ability to use his weapons and firearms with pinpoint accuracy. Because of this reason, he was able to live his life as a hitman. Deadshot has undoubtedly proved himself to be a frightening rival for anyone. Not the most powerful or the strongest one, since in the world of Detective Comics, many superheroes have the powers to withstand the force of a bullet. 

 10. Deathstroke:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

I know many people will argue about this one but an appearance is an appearance, whether it is of 1 second or 1 hour. So, we have seen Deathstroke right at the mid-credits of the movie Justice League where we saw him in his comic-copy costume and having those visuals in consideration, we have to say that we all know how deadly he is in the comics.

 9. Black Manta:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Before confronting Aquaman on a submarine, underwater, David Kane was a well trained and skilled pirate whose services were acquired by Orm, the Atlantean. Kane has been fearless and brave, either because of his career up until this point or maybe because of his anger and thirst for revenge. He is more dangerous than what he seems like. He was able to take the Atlantean weapons and modify them to ensemble his fighting style (Remember, how he made his Black Manta Suit). After acquiring the Black Manta Suit, he was able to take on Aquaman in one-on-one combat and this is enough to judge Manta’s strength.

 8. El Diablo:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

El Diablo, who is the former gang leader of the Suicide Squad is the single most powerful member of the gang. At the beginning of the Suicide Squad, he was hesitant to use his powers but whenever he did, it showed how dangerous he can be. His pyrokinetic abilities have made him the perfect metahuman to encounter the fiery human, Incubus. It is very difficult to even imagine other villains or superheroes standing in front of El Diablo when his powers are unbridled even without wincing.

 7. Ocean Master:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Well, the people who have seen the movie Aquaman will know the kind of destruction the ‘Ocean Master’ can do in a split of second as we all know that 70% of the earth is water and Ocean Master has his control on every single drop of water. So, you can only get scared by the powers he has in his hands as he holds a big army of underwater creatures led by Trench and we all know how deadly they were. It isn’t going to be very easy for any superhero to beat him instead of Aquaman.

 6. Incubus:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Well, Incubus, as we all know, is the brother of Enchantress and we all know that the prime motive of releasing his brother was to conquer the world. But we have to say that the villain took everything El Diablo threw towards him and has clearly stated his powers and abilities in front of the good people. We have seen a lot of incredible mystical powers in that final battle of the movie and the whole team of Suicide Squad needs to come together in order to defeat him as we know he is an immortal.

 5. Enchantress:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

We all know that the main antagonist of the movie Suicide Squad was a member of the squad for a very long time because it was Amanda Waller who controlled the Enchantress by keeping the heart of that ancient being into armored suitcase set to explode. Well, many people say that Enchantress isn’t a goddess but she is really powerful, has mystical powers and also an army of vicious and deadly soldiers.

 4. Steppenwolf:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

We all have seen the level of brutality Steppenwolf has shown in the movie Justice League and we all know that he is one of the New Gods. He also has those deadly and evil parademons with him. We all have seen in the movie Justice League that all old gods, Green Lanterns, and every superhero on the planet earth came together in order to defeat the Steppenwolf.

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

But, the villain came back again on earth and it was the resurrection of Superman which stopped Steppenwolf from destroying the planet earth and still it’s not over because the deadly villain simply went away with the help of a Boom Tube. So, we have to wait in order to see the future of this villain.

 3. Ares:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

‘The God of War – Ares’ truly lived up to his expectations as we all know that even the father of Greek -Zeus couldn’t stop him as he is very powerful and strong. Also, in the movie Wonder Woman, we saw that Ares was beating Wonder Woman with ease but it was the inner strength of Wonder Woman which played a crucial role in defeating Ares.

The most disgusting and an interesting thing about Ares is that he can control mankind and can push the limits of hatred to a severe level because of which they start fighting with each other and give rise to wars and battles.

 2. General Zod:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

Kryptonians aren’t much superior in comparison to humans in strength but the reason which changes that is the Yellow sun bath which they take and is the reason of the abilities they have such as flying, speed, endurance, vision, and many more. But, we have to accept this that General Zod and his zealots are the only ones who have given Superman a real challenge. Zod also had a lot of technological things in his hands which is the reason why he was a big headache for Superman for a very long time.

 1. Doomsday:

Strongest Villains of DC Universe

It was none other than the clever and evil Lex Luthor who created Doomsday using General Zod’s body as he wanted to wipe off Superman and Batman (which is his life’s biggest mission). We all know that Batman didn’t have a chance in front of Doomsday, even Wonder Woman was on her knees and Superman had to sacrifice himself in order to kill Doomsday. So, with this, we can clearly see the level of powers Doomsday had as the only thing which can kill him is Kryptonite, the only thing which can also kill Superman.

So, these are the villains who are the most brutal, vicious, and strongest villains of DC. If you some other names in your mind then do tell us in the comments section down below.

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