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Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch: Here’s Why The Sorcerer is Too Strong For The Witch!

Magic is a strange little thing in the comics. You can use it to do wonders. It can open portals to other dimensions. It can bring back the dead. It can muscle you up to fight Titans to a standstill. Magic in comic books is hard to control and even harder to tame. But once you get the hang of it, you are essentially a God amongst men. In the Marvel Comics, there are two heroes that come to mind when we think of mystic maestros – the Red Witch of the Wundagore Mountains that is the Scarlet Witch, and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth aka Doctor Strange. One is well versed in Chaos Magic while the other is a master in manipulating traditional Eldritch magic. So what would happen if the two decide to battle to the death? We have an answer. Presenting – Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch – Here’s why the Sorcerer is too strong for the Witch!!

Scarlet Witch

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch is a mutant by birth. Her genetic structure was altered by the demon Chthon to allow her to wield a destructive and highly volatile source of magic called Chaos Magic. Scarlet Witch can use Chaos Magic to alter the fabric of reality, making highly improbable things happen within an instant.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Her hex powers give her exceptionally good luck, with her enemies being ‘hexed’ with situations out of which they seldom get out of unharmed. Scarlet Witch, in the comic books, has altered reality on a universal extent. She has literally altered the whole planet and rewrote creation using her powers.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

She also has an innate ability of witchcraft, an ability she inherited due to her unique witch-filled family line. Other than her own powers, Scarlet Witch is also a proficient martial artist, being trained in close quarter combat by Captain America himself.

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch Doctor Stephen Strange was an ordinary medical surgeon until he finally found his calling within the mystic arts at Kamar-Taj. Under the tutelage of the Ancient One, Strange learns magic and ultimately replaces his own teacher to hold the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the protector of the planet that fights mystical and other-worldly threats to Earth.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Strange is well versed in all forms of magic. Since 1973 in the comic books, Strange is the guy that has held the mantle of the Sorce3rer Supreme and has earned a mighty reputation. As the holder of that title, Strange can literally call upon any magical God to aid him in battle and lend him their energy.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Strange can call upon beings like Cyttorak, Vishanti, Agamotto and the like! Armed with the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agamotto and the Book of Vishanti, Strange is a force to be reckoned with. He also has a collection of an arsenal of magic based weaponry at his disposal at all times.

Final Fight – Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Let us build up a Scenario. Scarlet Witch used to be the bad guy. What if Strange met Scarlet Witch when she was on one of her evil streaks in the past? Surely the Witch will not be foolish enough to be tempted away out of the fight with the greatest sorcerer on Planet Earth?!?! She will fight him and it will be an epic battle.

So who will win in this arcane death match???

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

It is Doctor Strange. There is not much Scarlet Witch can do against a guy who is said to be the strongest human being on Planet Earth by cosmic entities like Infinity and Eternity. In one issue, Stephen Strange defeated Galactus with one spell, a feat that not even the entire team of Avengers could do combined.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch will give one hell of a fight but she will be no match for a man who possesses every kind of knowledge there is about magic and can have access to an unlimited reservoir of magical energies at his disposal.

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Let us also not forget the fact the Doctor Strange has access to a plethora of magical weaponry and can even summon the Gods of Magic to aid him in battle. Strange wins this one fair and square.

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