10 Things You May Have Missed From Thor Ragnarok Trailer

R.I.P Mjolnir:

Mjolnir was made out of Uru metal, one of the most powerful metals in Marvel. It was wielded by Odin himself and Thor had to really prove himself to wield the Hammer that could create thunder and lightning at will. The shocked when Hela easily crushed the mighty Mjolnir like it was nothing more than a clay based weapon.

Did Ragnarok Come Earlier Than Expected:

Ragnarok means the apocalypse for the Asgardian Gods in Norse mythology. The trailer showcases the destruction of Asgard or parts of it after Hela enters the premises declaring “Asgard Is dead.” This leads one to question if this is the literal destruction known as Ragnarok or she is talking about her claim of a new territory. Hela is, after all the Goddess of Death in both Norse and Marvel comics.

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