How The Monster of Stranger Things Season 4 Could Be Different From The Past

Stranger Things is like a snow elf in a novelty shop. It is nice and aesthetic, even oozes a degree of nostalgia, but at the end of the day, it is seasonal and dated. In the show’s case, it is because it’s the 80s and we have seen all of these tropes before. This show is the culmination of all of the classic horror tropes that were employed in that era and we love it for it. The upside-down and the monsters in the show are utterly unique. Be it the Demogorgon or The Mind Flayer, it is the villain of each season that acts as the main attraction. Now, 4 new posters have been released for the show and the show’s social media teases the new monster of Stranger Things season 4

The official account of the show made the above announcement on Feb 17, 2022, on Twitter detailing the journey of production. By the looks of it, things seem to be picking up and season 4 should be both longer and better. The mere fact that it is being released in two parts speaks volumes about the effort that must have gone into making such a show. Along with this announcement came several posters for Stranger Things season 4. Some of these reveal details about the monsters and the upside-down. Let us take an individual look at each of them and try to discern what we can about the story.


Monster of Stranger Things Season 4

This first poster shows a departure from the normal style of storytelling for the show. it seems that we are moving away from everyday monsters and onto more surreal concepts such as elemental beasts, or the elements themselves as the monster. In previous seasons we have seen that the monsters from the upside-down are vulnerable to fire, Demogorgon and The Mind Flayer included. However, in this new poster, we can see that the monster that is teased is made out of fire or something similar. This means that The Mind Flayer may work to mitigate its weakness before attacking the normal world, or there is a new threat on the horizon.


Every poster that has been released contains the line “Every Ending Has A Begining”. There is a possibility that this season will be further divided into four separate stories in which the main cast will be divided into groups. We might not know all of these characters right now but it seems that each of them will be given an interesting role to play in the future. All of these groups are heading towards the same villain. They may be traveling both in time and dimensions. This team seems to be located in a snow area and Hopper seems to be with them.


The second team only seems to have an adult version of Max alone in an abandoned facility. Of course this is only our speculation. By the looks of it, this is a hospital or a laboratory and something terrible seems to have happened here. How did she get here and what will become of her are mysteries that we are yet to solve. But we can be sure that Stranger Things season 4 will be more horrific than we could ever imagine.


The Future and The Past

Monster of Stranger Things Season 4

The third poster features and main cast. The kids come back, and seem to be together up until now and are somewhere in a wood cabin. They are confident of fighting the danger that lies in front of them because they have Eleven with them. We wonder what will happen if she loses her powers against this fire demon because she has been the ace up everyone’s sleeve up until now in the show.


The final poster has the people that were left out from the other posters. We can see Mike and Johnathan but we cannot make out the other two. Their adventure seems to be revolving around the suburbs. Maybe this team will be responsible for making sure that the people in the real world are safe from the monster shenanigans. All of these stories have to culminate into something better, or so is our hope. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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