3 Best and Worst Things You Probably Don’t Know About X-Men

Marvel has a rich history of good comics ranging from crossovers to individual timelines and one of the franchises that have always won our hearts is X-Men. Traversing all the way through the highs and lows of the Marvel comic book force, it has managed to bring an ultimate fun-pack of mutants and bleak mutant stories that have always made us wanting more from it. Marvel’s another mutant project, Inhuman vs X-Men, brings the brighter mutant tales adding into more X-books. Throughout their history, it is hard to define the worst and best of X-Men. Today we bring you the best and worst things related to X-Men world.

The Best Things:

1. Best characters of X-Men

So enough of worsts. X-Men is one of the famous comic book groups in Marvel.  No matter how complicated and bizarre they are, they are the best. They are generally known to fight not only with their enemies but their flaws as well. Let’s say Magento. He is the one who ensures the survival of mutants can go any level to protect that. Moreover, his partial villainous and heroic changes is a true evidence.

2. Comic book stories

X-Men line is one of the most adventurous come book outings by Marvel that have delivered amazing stories to all the comic book fans. Go and pick any comic book story and it’s worth every penny. Unlike other comic book franchises, it introduced the home of life the group well.

3. Comic book richness

It is not we are bragging about X-Men world, but it’s a reality that the group has brought several diverse storylines. Books like Generation X, X-Factor and New Mutants, the group have shown their darker appearance along with madcap adventures.

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