Arrow Season 4: Meta-Humans, Resurrections, Magic…What next?

Arrow is the crowning jewel of CW Network, it attracts the maximum number of viewers across the world and hence higher TRP’s. It’s very difficult for a TV evangelist or an entertainment correspondent to define a particular genre for this insanely popular show. It’s one of the most inventive and imaginative show on TV today. One can argue that Flash is a sci-fi cum superhero TV Show, but Arrow has literally dabbled into every possible genre – Superhero, Sci-fi, Drama…u name it. The show is now entering into the realm of fantasy with Damien Darhk plotting something sinister which has something to do with magic and spirits. Here is a list of mind-boggling events that have already taken place in the latest season:

Meta-Human sighted in Star City:

If you thought that Meta-Humans are present only in Flash Universe…think again…Team Arrow fights a meta-human with abilities to fire playing cards at a rapid speed, hired by Damien Darhk to kill Green Arrow, but Team Arrow got the better of him and put him down for good.
Resurrection of Sara Lance at Nanda Parbat:

Malcolm Merlyn, the newly anointed Ra’s Al Ghul allowed Laurel Lance to resurrect her sister Sara with the help of Lazarus pit, she was brought back from the dead, but she lost her soul and became extremely violent and unstable.

Use of Black Magic to restore Sara’s soul to her body:

When Sara’s blood lust became uncontrollable and she attempted to kill Thea, Oliver called his old pal John Constantine who is an expert in mysticism and owes him a favor. He came to Star City, restored Sara’s soul to her body through black magic.

Damien Darhk demonstrating his Super-natural abilities:

Damien Darhk is unlike any villain you will ever see on Arrow, he has supernatural powers and mystical abilities through which he can stop arrows mid-air, control Meta-humans and terrorize the whole city at will.

Daring rescue of Ray Palmer by Team Arrow who is trapped in a Shoebox:

Team Arrow made a daring rescue of Ray Palmer after they learnt the location of him through Captain Lance. They raided the Darhk’s facility, fought with his henchmen, used Lazer gun created by Curtis and brought back Ray alive and well.

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