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    3 Best and Worst Things You Probably Don’t Know About X-Men

    Marvel has a rich history of good comics ranging from crossovers to individual timelines and one of the franchises that have always won our hearts is X-Men. Traversing all the way through the highs and lows of the Marvel comic book force, it has managed to bring an ultimate fun-pack of mutants and bleak mutant stories that have always made us wanting…

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    X-Men: The 5 Greatest Couples That Were Featured In The Comics

    The X-Men are a collection of different personalities from different worlds in the comics. Its only natural that certain characters would be attracted to each other. While some are forgettable, some remained unforgettable. Here are the five greatest couples: 1. Cyclops And Jean Grey: Cyclops And Jean Grey have become the epitome of an X-Men couple. The duo has had…

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    Are X-Men Endangered With This Deadly Mist?

    Here’s a theory that we’ve been hearing for quite some time now, but wasn’t revealed until recently – the use of Black Bolts Terrigen Bomb against Thanos created a deadly mist, endangering the X-Men. While elder Cyclops was a part of it and in his search Storm and other X-Men uncover a rather twisted plot of Mr. Sinister, the psychogenetic…

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