6 Natural Ways To Kill Your FAT

As the heading suggests it is all about losing those extra kilos. But honestly, I feel you should be really comfortable with your body. All you need to be worried about is keeping your body healthy and not forcing yourself to shrink to become skinny models. Most of you pledge to burn calories but end up burning the promises itself. So here are some tips for keeping your body healthy.

1) Walk

Yes, people have lost as much as 4-8 kgs, just by walking in 5-6 months. But you gotta follow certain rules:

Rule No. 1: It has to be a brisk walk.( 40-45 minutes)

Rule No. 2: Don’t talk while walking

Rule No. 3: Don’t skip the routine

Rule No. 4: Never forget the above 3 rules.

2) Drink water

Every morning, drink 2 glasses of water (empty stomach). Also, increase the intake of water in your daily routine.

3) Eat Healthy and slowly.

Eat healthy and avoid food products which have added sugars or are high in fat. Getting rid of added sugar would also save you from lots of diseases. You should always eat slowly (chew your food properly).

4) Salad

Having salad in your dinner helps a lot in reducing weight. So, replace your dinner with a salad.

5) Sleep well

Sound sleep is essential for balancing adequate weight and overall health. Inadequate sleep routine can lead to excessive loss or gain of weight.

6) Exercise

You have to find time for yourself. I am not saying hit the gym and sweat a lot and run on trade mills (You can do that if you feel like). However, you must exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Mix and match exercise. For instance, one day you can practice yoga, then you can switch to some other form of exercise. This way you keep your body fit.

This won’t be an overnight change, this might not make you look like a model. However, this will definitely make you healthy and fit and that’s what is important.

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