Is Electropen 3 a Disruptive Innovation in the World of Technology?

“Whether you’re a student sitting through a lecture or a professional through an important business presentation, taking notes is a vital skill task for many people.” These were the words by Portonics, the company that unveiled its next in trail device the ELECTROPEN 3 that has compelled us to believe that note making can advance with technology to give more control over how you write, share and edit your data.



Electro pen 3 is the ideal device which acts as a pathway between the Analog and the digital world. You can experience the best of both the worlds. With this pen, you can write on a normal sheet of paper and still edit the what you’ve written, share the data, include colors, erase, and so forth as you do on a PC. Electro pen 3 is practically an ordinary ballpoint pen. The main distinction is that Electro Pen 3 converts each word, outline or scrawl into a computerized page. The pen takes a shot and works on Offline and on Online mode. The former includes simply recording whatever you’ve written and storing them in its memory. You can later change over the recorded information into editable content on a PC. This mode can be useful for brisk note taking. While in the latter it makes use of a remarkable technology of a Positional Receiver that clips to the top of a page. The collector then uses infrared and ultrasound waves in pair with a sensor on the pen’s tip to make a picture of whatever you write.

The device has a built-in voice record feature, which uses the microphone and lets the user record voice while they take notes. The whole video recording of note taking is stored safely in the Phone. This takes the entire experience of note taking to a totally new level. It connects with devices over Bluetooth while there’s additionally the alternative to connect with a cell phone using an OTG (on the go) cable.



It comes in an all in one box with includes the Bluetooth pen, case, Receiver and Charging cable. It additionally contains a rechargeable battery for the receiver which can last for up to eight hours of constanty written work while the pen battery goes on for around 80 hours of nonstop use that can be charged through any USB charger. The device is priced at Rs. 5499 and readily available on Flipkart, amazon, and other stores.

This pen in today’s time is a must buy device so don’t just sit and wait, grab one from your nearest Digital or mobile store and enjoy the world of possibilities.

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