11 Types of Instagrammers You Will Find All Across Instagram

Instagram is an interesting platform. While it’s the most loved online networking source to a large number of people around the globe, we are gradually beginning to see this sector get oversaturated. What do I mean by this? Well, there are users sweeping out the same repetitive posts every day. I’m sure that you all would agree with me on this, that this gets entirely irritating after a while. Instagram has made its very own universe with more than 300 million users.

So I present to you a rundown of 11 types of Instagrammers we frequently come across while scrolling through our feeds, based on the type of posts they make on Instagram.



These are people who have pouts, winks, smile all in a self-taken photo if you somehow manage to scroll down their feed. This most of the time gets terrible as we can only see your mug so many times before unfollowing already. In any case, that is not all. They have a No Filter selfie, a No Makeup selfie, a Random selfie, a B&W selfie. Essentially, it seems like it these people who invented the selfie and after that improvised it with a few new creations. They let the selfies rundown on your news feed each and every time you open your Instagram account. Selfies are more a girl thing than it is a boy thing. Not being sexist. Just so you know.



Foodies are known for taking photos of each and every time they’ve eaten something since Instagram came out in 2010. These people most likely post every meal they make or eat at a restaurant. Their Instagram feed is loaded with exquisite dishes that make your mouth water so hard that you are compelled to get those raw vegetables out from your fridge due to an absence of anything better. From Indian to Italian; Mexican to Chinese, these people have everything on their feed. It’s shocking but true that that whatever they eat looks great on their plate? If any day my food looked half in the same class as theirs, I’d never eat it out of the fear of ruining its look.

Go ahead and double tap their posts because of the awesome food on their plates.



These Instagrammersadore their pets so much, they think everybody ought to love them, as well. You name the animal stuff and it’s in that spot on their feed. Truth be told, you can nearly notice the pet through your Instagram! Some of them are so obsessed that they may even dedicate a whole Instagram account to their pets. Pics of pet sleeping. Pics of pet playing with a ball. Pics of pet relaxing in the sun. We end up seeing these charming little creatures being all cuddly, cushy and adorable which makes us want to hug them #Aaaawww #Cuteness.



These are people you see pictures of giggling with strangers who are also actually also trying to figure out what’s so funny at all. Lying on a bed with others, you’re secretly thinking what actually they did, posing with an endless number of people in an awkward way. They have a sea of friends. It doesn’t matter at all if they just met them yesterday or a couple of hours’ prior at a party they went to, as long as it would make an Instagram post for them.



Scientific fact: your workout doesn’t actually count if you don’t Instagram it. There it is, that wonderful photo of those abs in the mirror, with a white towel sticking around the neck after a decent shower, or swim in the pool. You see them doing pull-ups, push-ups, lifts, squats and God knows what else. There is also this gym attire fitted snugly and at the right curves and angles of the body such that each and every muscle outlines itself through them. You see them doing pull-ups, push-ups, lifts, squats and God knows what else.



They have to offer pictures of them cuddling and kissing each other, enjoying on a date or on a trip or lying under the sky at the night. To add to this, they have subtitles loaded with words like perfect partner, love, relationship objectives. They give us different couples some genuine complexities about not being as open to a relationship as they seem to be.



These individuals offer and re-post each photo they find relatable, cool, entertaining, miserable or laughable. Doesn’t matter how silly it is or whether it is a quote or photo of an animal. You must be a cornball to try and to do any of this. None of their photographs are theirs, yet they continually re-post the cool stuff they see on others’ timetables to appear to be amusing or cool.



#Every #Single #Photo #Is #Hashtagged #Like #This. These Instagrammers think that adding a plethora of hashtags will get them more likes. Nothing is thirstier than trying to get random people to see your photos wasting 10-15 minutes how long to write all of those down. Two or three hashtags are acceptable, but any more than that is just verging on ridiculous. #ANNOYING



This type of Instagrammers post quotes from around the globe. Inspiring ones, awful ones, Tragic ones, cheerful ones, funny ones. Yes, these people appear to have an archive of all the quotes that ever existed. While it is fun every so often to read some quotes, yet there are times when it’s truly irritating and you wish to unfollow them maybe that is everything you do. In any case, you will find their feed brimming with quotes.


People who fall in this category tend to stand in front of a mirror and hold their phone and posts pictures of what they are wearing. Sometimes this incites slander, or if you are a good looking woman it brings you likes and more comments.We love these people. We really do. And we follow them religiously on Instagram. They’ve gained a faithful fan following over the years, all thanks to a Phone, a mirror, gorgeous looks.



Throwback Thursday is designated to one day per week but these Instagrammers abuse the system, posting a neverending slew of embarrassing childhood photos.


So, which of the above categories do you fit into?



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