Jose Mourinho – The Wrong One

Unthinkable and unpredictable things happen in the Premier League. We can say we have seen it all. From the “Big Four” era to the present day, in the final edition of the “Barclays” Premier League, where we see Leicester City very close to becoming champions and who are right behind them? Tottenham Hotspur. Where are teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United? All out of the top four. Where are Newcastle United and Aston Villa who used to be right outside the top four? In the relegation zone.

Anyway, let’s not get diverted and stick to the topic. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, anything can happen in this league. Now let’s keep “everything” aside and focus on that one thing we never expected to happen. Jose Mourinho, returning to Chelsea. Guiding them all the way through and ensuring they bagged the Premier League crown. Mourinho and Chelsea, it was a deadly combination. Now, this season, firstly people were shocked and surprised by the defending champions’ horrendous start to the campaign.

It was the same Jose Mourinho who had taken this prolific team all the way last season and here they were, dangling right above relegation. Obviously, the ones who were the most shocked were the Chelsea fans. But wait, it wasn’t over. Oh yes, the board did it! Again!


Fans did not see this coming and were absolutely shattered after it was confirmed that Jose Mourinho had been sacked by the club… for the second time in their history. A wave of sadness spread through the hearts of The Blues as they saw their Special One walk away from them once again.

Now, under interim manager Guus Hiddink, Chelsea have recouped and are back in the top half of the table and will probably challenge for a top four finish if they can keep up this form. Meanwhile, Manchester United are also fellow strugglers, not that bad, but still, fans are very unhappy with manager Louis van Gaal and his tactics.

The news about Jose Mourinho getting sacked added fuel to the wildfire at Old Trafford as fans desperately called out to the board, asking them to sack van Gaal and replace him with The Special One.
At first, if you look at it, it seems to be a pretty good option, but as you venture into it, you’ll notice that Mourinho isn’t that different from van Gaal. Both are experienced managers; both have won major trophies.

Now let’s consider the squad they have. Yes, when you take this factor into consideration, you’ll realize what a good job van Gaal has done. Mourinho had a team who had won the Premier League and had no players out injured. Van Gaal, on the other hand, has been facing a huge problem in that area. There were 17 injuries, taking out most of the regular players, few new signings who are playing in the Premier League for the first time, and a few youngsters promoted to the first team as a result of those injuries. With such a squad, the Dutchman has still managed to keep Manchester United in the top half and now just 1 point away from the top four.

This was just my opinion and then a couple of days ago, I read Sir Alex Ferguson’s quote which actually said the same thing I was thinking about. Here is the full quote:

“It is dead easy to be critical. You have to be realistic about some things. The number of injuries he has had. If you have players missing of that caliber it has to have an impact on the team.”
“The other aspect which is always easy to forget, there are five new players in their first season at United and two are young players in Martial and Memphis, and their promise is good.”
“You have to have some patience being a Manchester United fan and they have shown that over the years; in Matt Busby’s time, in my time.” – Sir Alex Ferguson.


Absolutely spot on. Whatever Sir Alex said was totally correct. In addition to that, it is really good to see Louis van Gaal showing faith in the academy products. He has already handed debuts to at least 6 youngsters from the academy this season. Lingard and Rashford have become regulars in this team which constantly changes due to injuries and fatigue.

This is something Jose Mourinho wouldn’t have done and, I think, he never will. He is a great manager, probably one of the best in the world, but he believes in making a team by signing talents from other teams rather than promoting the youth of his own team’s academy.
You will feel the wind change if you give it a thought. In one hand, you have Louis van Gaal, who is promoting youth, getting good results against top teams in England, struggling in the league just because of the lack of Premier League experience from the new signings and constant injury problem for the rest of the regulars.
And on the other hand, we have Jose Mourinho, who might bring instant success, but in his own way, by splashing the cash in the market and getting new players and chucking out academy talents.


I may be wrong about Mourinho, but not about van Gaal. Why lose someone who is going the United way? For me, even after Louis van Gaal leaves, Jose Mourinho is NOT the right man for the job at Manchester United.

Oumar Aga

His name is Oumar Aga, he is neither the fastest man alive nor was he stuck on a hellish island for five years only to return and save his city. He is merely a student of Pharmacy, residing in Pune, Maharashtra. He is involved in various social and extracurricular activities - Content writing being one of them. He is a part of the admins panel of Manchester United Fan Club Pune and an organiser for regular football meets and tournaments.
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