5 Insane Things You Should Know About Supervillain Steppenwolf

Justice League is one of the most anticipated movies that will be released this year. Not only will fans finally see the team up of DC’s most powerful heroes, it will also introduce a new villain into the DC film world. Here are 5 facts you should know about Steppenwolf, the new supervillain of Justice League:

He Is Related To Darkseid

Justice League: 5 Facts You Should Know about SteppenwolfDarkseid is one of DC’s greatest villains. He also happens to be the nephew of Steppenwolf. Their family is quite Greek in their tragic story of betrayal and murder. After Darkseid murdered his mother Hegra so that he could rule Apokolips, he made his uncle Steppenwolf the leader of his military and a member of his elite.

He Hates Doomsday

Doomsday was introduced in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice as a creation of Lex Luthor. That was not the case in the comics. Steppenwolf had faced the monstrosity when he and Darkseid were on a mission to overtake a planet. The plan was foiled by Doomsday, even resulting in the death of Master Mayhem. Darkseid wanted to take on Doomsday but was stopped by Steppenwolf. Instead, they escaped as the beast destroyed the planet.

Strength And Powers

Steppenwolf is immortal like other major New Gods characters.He has superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. He is also an experienced military leader to the Apokolips army who has a keen strategic mind in battle. He uses an electro-ax which is a trademark to his character. He also commands a cavalry of monstrous dogs which his soldiers ride to battle. He is a master swordsman and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.

He Has Tried To Take Over Earth Before

In the comic Earth 2, Steppenwolf leads Darkseid’s forces to Earth. He is stranded after being defeated for five years. During that time, he plotted to take over the planet even recruiting Wonder Woman’s daughter Fury. Unfortunately for him, Bizarro disguised as a rogue Superman killed the general.

Steppenwolf Could Be The Opening To Darkseid’s Entry To DCEU

dceuJustice League has confirmed that Steppenwolf will be the supervillain in the film. Many fans have questioned why he is the villain and not Darkseid. And from this list alone, you can see how interconnected the two are. Maybe this is DCEU’s way of introducing the world of the New Gods and Apokolips to the movie audience. The Justice League team would take on Steppenwolf in their first film, then Darkseid in the sequel.

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