Three Android M Features that will matter to Indian Users

Android M was introduced at the Google’s annual event, Google I/O 2015 held at San Francisco. They revealed several features that make the new update to the operating system better than the previous one, both in terms of productivity and connectivity. But we’ll be discussing three most important features that as an Indian Android user will matter the most to you.

Extend your battery life

The only thing that keep users away from making Android their primary device is the battery life. While the smartphones are getting slimmer with generations, its difficult to house larger batteries which are both heavy and thick. We often try using many battery saving applications which have always failed in its task. Google does address the battery drainage issue while multi-tasking. But what pinches the most is the 10-20% of the battery discharge while we’re sleeping during the night. With the new Android M update, Google brings a feature called Doze. This intelligent feature will keep learning how you use your applications and will automatically put the background applications into sleep mode when the phone is not in use. The applications will be refreshed when you either start using your phone or plug it for charging. Google claims that with Doze, you can almost double the standby time of your Android smartphone.


Go Offline when you’re short of Mobile Data

In countries like India, where open public Wi-Fi is still a big deal, people often tend to cross their mobile data limit. With the Android M update, Google moves a step forward in their approach to make applications which require internet available offline. For instance, YouTube recently was made accessible offline and once users have saved a video, they can watch it multiple number of times without even turning on their Internet. Google announced an offline version for Google Maps during the event, which will also support the turn-by-turn voice commands. In addition, Google Chrome will also be able to save web pages for offline reading.


Your data, remains yours

You might have noticed that many applications tend to ask for dozen of permissions, while they do not need to. But since the application, in most of the cases, are available for free we tend to ignore this and grant the permissions. Since the developer of the application has access to a lot of your information, which are used to show advertisements and is also sold off to marketing departments which tend to spam your email. Google has taken many steps in order to keep such applications and developers away from the Play Store, by taking off their applications and suspending their accounts, but developers always have a way to get back in. With the Android M update, since users will be able to edit the permissions an application has at any instant. With this, there is a little ray of hope that users will take out some time and carefully choose between applications.

So, that’s it. These were three most useful features, but if you liked anything apart from the ones we’ve mentioned in the new Android M – do leave a comment below and we’d love to suggest it to our other readers!

Karan Uppal

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