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  • HollywoodActors Crazy Sacrifices For Roles

    10 Actors Who Made Crazy Sacrifices For Their Roles

    In the movie industry, several actors have worked on several different projects, across several decades. But of all these performers, some have left a mark in the film industry, to an extent that they are even spoken about to this day. These acts may include winning one or multiple Oscars or a particular act, which made the actor and the…

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  • MoviesActors Directed Their Own Movies

    10 Actors Who Directed Their Own Movies

    What is better? Getting a role in a movie you want to be a part of or directing the movie you want to make and simply cast yourself? Directing a film and being a part of it gives an actor the ultimate creative freedom as well as control. And we have had a number of remarkable performances when actors have…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Couples Collective Net Worth

    Celebrity Power Couples With The Highest Collective Net Worth

    It is wonderful to experience compassion and understanding finding its way even at the workplace, because of which many celebrities of this content have collectively reached heights only a few could dream to reach. With molding one’s career and keeping one’s special love life, a secret becomes a very strenuous task especially when the entire world’s got free advice for…

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  • MoviesNice Guy actors starred as villains

    10 Times ‘Nice Guy’ Actors Starred As Villains In Movies

    One of the best parts of thriller movies is the surprising element. Directors use various tricks to add plot twists and surprise the audience. One of the cleverest tricks is casting against type.  It is always exciting when actors we are used to seeing as heroes play a sinister character. This new experience feels odd to process since our minds…

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  • Movies2020 Movies Actors Deserve Oscar

    10 Actors From 2020 Movies Who Deserve To Be Oscar Nominated

    As 2021 begins, it is time to move ahead and also review the past. From our personal growth to career to the world news, a lot of things are considered when we analyze the previous year. Similarly, the time has also arrived for analyzing the best actors and movie performances. These are the best in a lot of categories, including…

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  • Movies

    Tom Hanks’ Next Movie Greyhound Has Got Its Release Date on Apple TV+

    Greyhound Release Date: Just like we wait every year for that one Leonardo DiCaprio performance because we know that we’d be in for a thrilling performance, we also wait for that one Tom Hanks movie (sometimes 2 films). We wait patiently because we know that every Hanks movie manages to impress the fans in new ways. This year, the Coronavirus…

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  • News

    Tom Hanks’ Next Movie Greyhound Will Not Release In Theatres, But On Apple TV+

    Tom Hanks’ Next Movie Greyhound : Every year Tom Hanks delivers a great movie that leaves us with a great realization about life or a thrilling surprise. The last we saw of him was a beautiful biopic of Fred Rogers called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Next up, we were going to get Sony’s Greyhound in June, but the…

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  • Celebs

    Tom Hanks & Another Hollywood Actor Detected Positive for Coronavirus

    Coronavirus threats are real. They may not be as massive as the media is hyping the situation, but we should take the necessary precautions. It hasn’t just affected the world of us common people, but it has reached the highest of ranks. Showbizz is suffering from it. The Box Office in major markets has been down. Productions of films are…

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  • CelebsTom Hanks

    10 Cool Facts About The Legendary Actor Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks is undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed actors of all time. He has been able to maintain his top position since decades as no other actor has managed to match his feats in recent times. He has appeared in more than a hundred films, television series, and stage performances and has managed to leave an impact on…

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  • News

    Inferno: Tom Hanks and Irrfan look Astounding

    The teaser trailer for Inferno set to release this October is out and it looks spell-bounding! The trailer teases Hanks’ new look. And it looks great, better than the long drape he sported in Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. This is well done, Mr. Langdon! (Hanks’ character in Inferno) Inferno is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s international best-selling…

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