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  • MoviesDaniel Radcliffe to Play Moon Knight

    Marvel is Reportedly Eyeing Daniel Radcliffe to Play Moon Knight

    Daniel Radcliffe to Play Moon Knight: Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk are 3 of Marvel’s projects we actually know nothing about. We don’t even know who is going to play these characters that are coming at us in 2022. We know every actor playing every hero character who will be in all the 2022 movies. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Black…

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  • MoviesDaniel Radcliffe Eyed for Moon Knight

    Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Being Eyed For Moon Knight

    Daniel Radcliffe Eyed for Moon Knight: Everyone knows the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is a great actor. People love him a lot. Yes, a whole lot of his fame has been because of Harry Potter. But that isn’t the only set of movies that he has been in. After being done with Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe did a bunch of…

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    15 Interesting Things We Bet You Never Knew About Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is the main character in the Harry Potter series which has been portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. Here’re some of the most interesting things about the character that will surprise you: Same Star Sign! Wizard Card! A Rumour! Ron Being More Popular! Interesting! Romantic Relationship! Wizard Rock Band! Wizard of the Month! Harry’s Scar! Same Heritage of Harry! History of…

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  • News

    Daniel Radcliffe Loves This Insane Theory About The Dursleys

    The Harry Potter books may have ended (for now) but there is always fan fiction and theories that keep us going and give us the regular dose of magic. There have been many theories in the past and while some are good, others are crazy. Through the years there have been many theories about the Potter series and some of…

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