17 Fan Reactions To Constantine 2 Starring Keanu Reeves

WB’s plans aren’t just locked on for DCEU. Instead, they are now looking to expand a unique Multiverse that combines all their film & TV Universes. There has been news that Keanu Reeves is returning in the Constantine sequel. Ever since the news came out, fans seemed excited about it. Check out these fantastic fan reactions to Constantine 2:

1. Until Now!!


2. We Won!!

3. He’s Back!!


4. So Happy!!

5. It’s Happening!!


6. Massive!!

7. Everybody Calm Down!!


8. Good News!!

9. The Return of The King!!


10. Pain And Gain!!

11. Holy Shit!!


12. It’s Time To Rewatch!!

13, Back In Action!!


14. Most Glorious!!

15. Best News Ever!!


16. Haha!

17. And We Got Him!!

These were the fan reactions to Constantine 2. What is your reaction to knowing about its sequel? Let us know about it in the comments.

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