20 Most Adorable Instagram Pictures of Chris Evans

Chris Evans portrays the role of Captain America and we all are very big fans of him. He’s got the perfect package of being the remarkable Steve Rogers. Steve finally got his wish come true in the Avengers: Endgame. Outside the MCU We have seen Chris Evans doing amazing movies and now the most awaited movie, Lightyear is going to release. Here we’ve brought you some of the most adorable and sexiest Instagram pictures of Chris Evans as it’s his birthday today:

1. His Love For Dogs Are So Pure!!


2. Loving His Shirt BTW!!

3. What Do You Guys Think About His Moustache in Grayman?


4. SO Adorable!

5. With The Ghosted Movie Cast!


6. Don’t They Look, Twins?

7. Handsome Son With Spectacular Mom!


8. Dodger on Dodger Tattoo!

9. He And His Dog!!


10. True Love!!

Instagram pictures of Chris Evans

11. He Just Loves Disney!


12. Loved To See Him Again!

13. Awesome!!


14. So Hot!

15. His Infamous Hilarious Pose!


16. Remarkable!

17. Hottie!!

18. We Miss Them Seeing Together!!

19. This Is So Cool!


20. Looking Cute!!

These Instagram pictures of Chris Evans are adorable, which picture did you like the most? Do let us know your answers down in the comments.

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