16 Hilarious And Relatable Asian Parents Memes From Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel series is just going really well, fans are totally amazed by the cinematography of the show. The show also presented us with the lives of Asian families, their culture, and how Asian parents don’t miss a chance to mock their children. Check out some of the hilarious Asian parent memes that you all will find relatable:

1. Surprise!!


2. LOL!!

3. Dumbass!!


4. They Recast Hulk!!

5. The Way Of Torture!!


6. They Don’t Know The Meaning of Saying No!!

7. Haha!!


8. OMG!!

9. It’s A Must!!


10. We All Have Done That!

11. Really Low!


12. Super Humiliating!!

13. Nooooo!!


14. Time To Learn Some Manners!!

15. Haha!


16. LMAO!

Which Asian parents memes did you like from Ms. Marvel? Have you watched the first episode yet? Comment down your answers.

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