20 Fan Reactions To Ms. Marvel Trailer

Marvel just released the trailer for the second big Disney+ series of the year. Ms. Marvel will see an ordinary girl go through the process of becoming a superhero while struggling with her own teenage life. This will be somewhat similar to the likes of Spider-Man but there will be a close parallel to the outer-worldly superior being Captain Marvel. Check out these amazing fan reactions to Ms. Marvel trailer:

1. Haha!!


2. So Hyped!

3. At All Cost!


4. Feels Like Dream!

5. Amazing!


6. LOL

7. Hehe!


8. Mephisto Found!

9. Super Excited!


10. Oh yeah!

11. Super Solid!


12. That’s Right!

13. Absolutely Loved!


14. Nothing!

15. Seriously!


16. Really!

17. LMAO!


18. That’s Some Good Music!

19. Hands Down!


20. Oh God!

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