How Eternals Could Bring Ego Back To MCU

Eternals appears to be one of the most interesting events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a chance that the movie will give us a fair idea about the creation of the Earth in MCU. This is interesting as the characters that we will be dealing with in the movie are going to be some of the most superior beings and have been staying on Earth for a long time. As they return to protect Earth from a major threat they will also become aware of the major moves that the Avengers have been playing over the years. We have had godlike beings try to take a chance on Earth before too and surely their presence must have made an impact that the Eternals might address. Let’s take a look at how Eternals could bring Ego back to the MCU.


Eternals will take a deeper dive into the mythology behind the worlds that we have been able to witness for so long in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The narrative of the story will follow a massive time difference as we explore the various characters from the entire time over which they have excited. We will also get a reason why they hadn’t shown up for so long and why they have arrived now. This will majorly be because of the massive threat to Earth that has been triggered by the events of Avengers: Endgame. The movie also boasts quite a long number of characters who will play essential figures as we go ahead in the MCU.


The Celestials In MCU

Eternals could bring Ego back

An essential part of the narrative has to be around how the Celestials were responsible for the creation of the Eternals. We even got to see a lot of Celestials featured in the final trailer for Eternals. The Celestials are one of the most ancient races of powerful beings who actually controlled the Infinity Stones. But this movie won’t be the first time that we will be introduced to these beings. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has always given us a fair amount of idea of how vast the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually is.


We were introduced to multiple Celestials in the two movies of the franchise. The Collector’s base of operation from the first film was actually inside the severed head of a Celestial that was given the name of Knowhere. We also got to see Eson the Searcher who had used the Power Stone to destroy civilizations. The sequel introduced us to Ego who was also a Celestial but looked completely different from the other Celestials we had seen so far.



Eternals could bring Ego back

Ego was killed off in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when the team plan to set off a bomb inside the planet’s core which was actually functioning as his brain. But it seems that Eternals might actually have a chance of bringing back this character. He is a Celestial after all and there is a chance that Ego was amongst the beings who were responsible for creating the Eternals or the Deviants. This is furthermore supported by the evidence the Ego has more experience in creating matter plus he even has created human-like beings. The character might actually be dead in the original timeline but he can be brought back in flashback as a part of introducing us to the origin of the Eternals.


Eternals Could Bring Ego back

Ego’s character was not explored very much in his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy but it was only shown that he had visited various planets for an unknown period of time and planted his seed as part of the Expansion. We are well aware that he didn’t spend his entire time on Earth and this gives a fair chance for him to have come across the Eternals. He couldn’t have met the Eternals when he came to Earth in the 1970s considering this was a part of the period over which the Eternals were inactive.


The Eternals could actually use Ego as a means of giving us a hint of what might have happened to the Celestials. These beings haven’t been seen for quite a significant period of time and were even considered to be extinct until we got to see Ego. All these explanations actually give a fair chance for introducing Ego back in the Eternals.

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