20 Fan Reactions For DC League of Super-Pets

DC has a lot of exciting projects set to come around this year. We will get to see a lot of characters getting to make their debut in the DCEU and at the same time multiple renditions of some characters. While there are a lot of live-action movies, we will also see characters in animated features. This year we will get to see three different Batmen appear in movies. But a new Batman has been added to the list with the trailer for DC League of Super-Pets revealing a Batman appearance where we heard Keanu Reeves voicing this Batman and fans are going nuts over it. Along with him, we have got Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and many more actors. Check out these amazing fan reactions for DC League of Super-Pets:

1. Good Dog!


2. Loving This!

3. Iconic!


4. Oh Yeah!

5. Exactly!


6. Hehe!

7. Genius Move!


8. Fantastic!

9. Super Awesome!


10. Really!

11. Very Much-Hyped!


12. Literally!

13. Because We All Love Keanu Reeves!


14. It Looks Better!

15. LOL!


16. That’s Right!

17. Haha!


18. Obviously!

19. OMG!


20. Great Job!

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