Here’s What You Need To Know About J.Law’s Upcoming Spy Movie, Red Sparrow

20th Century Fox is investing big in the R-Rated movies these days. This very trend began with the success of Deadpool in the superhero genre. It did amazingly well at the box office as it was able to turn a $58 Million investment into $783 Million. This trend was continued by Logan which was very successful as well. This year Fox has 2 upcoming R-Rated movies which fans would love to go see on the big screen. Deadpool 2 and Red Sparrow are the upcoming movies we need to be excited about.

Even though the R-Rated movies that Fox has been doing well with are the entirely of the superhero genre, Fox has the very know how in making a successful hard R movie. Red Sparrow, which did not yet have a rating till now, has now gotten an R-rated and this particularly is what the studios and the director of the movie have been hoping for.

This is what we all would have wanted for this movie, which is, seeing the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence in a Hard R rated spy movie. This upcoming thriller movie has earned this distinction for strong violence, torture, sexual content, language and some graphic nudity. We are getting the full package from Francis Lawrence and his team as they had already promised this. They proposed to deliver a brutal, sultry and thrilling spy film, and by the looks of it, we are getting one.

The first trailer teased a bit of what we could expect from the movie, and then the second trailer which came out last month got the real traction the studios were expecting to get. The trailer showed that the movie will follow a story where J Law’s character will be recruited into a Russian Spy programme that turns people into kick-ass spies who can go through anything and anyone, blend in any situation and survive the harshest conditions ensured by the hard training an individual needs to go through.

This programme is kind of like what Natasha Romanoff was made in the Red Room in the Marvel Universe. In this movie, JLaw’s character makes a choice out of necessity as she is offered to give her life or become a Sparrow if she wants to live. She presumably does it for her mother who is sick in the movie and going through this path would have ensured all her expenses covered.

The recent Teaser at the 52nd Super Bowl confirmed the movie’s R-Rating, which fits perfectly with the story that the film is trying to sell. A Restricted rating itself does not justify a good quality movie (consider Alien: Covenant for this statement), but it does give the filmmakers the proper freedom and tools they require to make a remarkable movie at their disposal. Most films benefit from a PG-13 Rating as it allows a young audience to view the movie as well. But an R-rating does not mean that a movie cannot do well because if the movie is really good, it will sell no matter what age group the audience belongs to.

This R rating will allow this movie to go deeply into the sexually explicit elements of the story and be the sexy spy movie it can be just like what Atomic Blonde successfully managed to do. Though this movie will have the sexual element more than what Atomic Blonde showed. To sum it up, this movie will give us an R-Rated Black Widow movie (sort of), with the sexually explicit elements which Disney would be too chicken to add into the Black Widow solo movie.

Red Sparrow

All the Spy action movies in the recent years have done well. From a PG-12 approach- Mission Impossible, James bond to a more comedic approach The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Spy to an R-Rated approach Atomic Blonde, all spy-oriented movies are doing extremely well. Red Sparrow looks to be following a similar path by the looks of the trailers.

Red Sparrow is directed by Francis Lawrence and the cast of the movie includes Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons and Charlotte Rampling. Red Sparrow opens in theaters on March 2, 2018.

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