10 Actors Who Were Made Younger With Insane CGI Tricks

Sometimes age gets the better of an actor, especially when he or she has to star in a movie which is a sequel to an older movie that they did in their young days. These days, there is nothing that CGI can’t do, except removing Superman’s mustache in Justice League. We have seen so many movies where old actors are made to look younger in order to fulfill certain purposes in the movies. Here’s a list.

Jeff Bridges – Tron Legacy

When Tron Legacy returned in 2011, two of its characters Kevin Flynn and CLU, also came back and both were portrayed by Jeff Bridges himself. But, since CLU is a computer, it was made to look younger through CGI and VFX and it showed in the worst way. The condition was made even worse when we saw Jeff Bridges’ actual form in the film. This particular decision by Disney was totally bizarre!

Michael Douglas – Ant-Man

Disney has literally invested a lot in these de-aging techniques as they keep picking up older movies to make new ones. Doing this paid off sometimes, while sometimes it did not. Ant-Man was a movie where this de-aging was handled very well as Michael Douglas shot a flashback scene where Hank Pym was in his younger days and he was still Ant-Man. Bold move by Disney on this part!

Carrie Fisher – Star Wars: Rogue One

One of the biggest takeaways from the ending of this movie was certainly the appearance of Princess Leia. Fisher appeared as young Princess Leia who was required for the pot of the movie. Even though it was just one small scene, fans were divided by it as some were amazed by it while others were a little hurt by the imperfection.

Robert Downey Jr. – Captain America: Civil War

In the first scene where we see RDJ in Civil War, we actually see a young version of him which looked as if Downey came straight out of a 90s movie. It then turned out to be a hologram which Tony had used to explain his new B.A.R.F technology. All in all, people liked young Tony even though he did look a little cheesy, to be honest.

Johnny Depp – Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Disney yet again surprised us with their new investment in De-aging an actor in 2017. Johnny Depp was de-aged using CGI in the latest Pirates movie in order to portray a younger version of Jack Sparrow. It reminded people of the younger days of Johnny Depp and this was by far the best De-aging done in any movie if you think about it.

Orlando Bloom – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Elves don’t age, so the team decided to give Orlando bloom a CGI facelift in this movie as he appeared in the LOTR trilogy about 10 years ago, and this world is no X-Men universe, where people don’t age a single day for 10 years! This CGI facelift resulted in a Legolas with a shiny, glowing face that looked a little weird to keen-eyed viewers.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen – X-Men The Last Stand

Fox proved here that Disney is better than them in everything they do, even de-aging actors through CGI.  Even though the special effects people tried their level best to make these two look younger, they still couldn’t do much about it. And the funny thing is that according to X-Men: Apocalypse, McAvoy, and Fasbender will look as old as Stewart and McKellen in just 3 years.

Kurt Russell – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kurt Russell’s de-aging was one of the finest attempts by Disney, but still, Russell did look like a 35-year-old human. Russell who played Ego the living planet in the second Guardians movie was made to look younger in order to explain a crucial plot of the movie.

Dwayne Johnson – Central Intelligence

This was probably the worst de-aging CGI’s ever seen in Hollywood as Dwayne The Rock Johnson was made to look like a young dancing fat blob. But it was all in good fun and people even laughed at it, so all’s forgiven.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator: Genisys

actors cgi

Schwarzenegger shot a fight scene with his own younger self. As old as Arnold really looks, he was made to look younger in both ways, through makeup, and through CGI as well. Still, the CGI part was handled pretty well and we got to see a good fight sequence.

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