20 Caped Crusader Memes Celebrating The Success of The Batman

A whole new rendition of Batman is already here. The caped crusader has has numerous interpretations over the years and each one brings its own elements of excitement. It is interesting to see that The Batman also explored certain things about the character in a completely different manner than we could have expected. Fans are surely satisfied with the new Batman movie, so check out these Caped Crusader memes that show how happy fans are with The Batman:

1. Oh Yeah!


2. Exactly!

3. Haha!


4. That’s All We Wanted!

5. LOL!!


6. Behold!

7. Loved It!


8. Added The Batman Angry Face Collection!

9. Really!


10. Haha!

11. Literally!


12. OMG!

13. Holding On!


14. Exactly!

15. Absolutely!


16. Perfection!

17. LMAO!


18. New Me!

19. Stop That Now!


20. Batman is Coming For You!

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