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The Batman Breaks The Box Office On Its Opening Weekend

The Batman finally came out a couple of days ago and the movie has taken the fandom by storm. With its unique score and beautiful aesthetics, The Batman breaks the box office with its opening weekend. We were very excited for the movie’s release and had hoped that the movie would do well commercially but we could have never anticipated this colossal opening. The Batman made $248.5 million worldwide on its opening weekend. More than half of this came from the domestic market as The Batman collected $128.5 million from the US alone.

But the opening of the movie was quite bombastic and a lot of this had to do with the fact that the movie had been marketed white well. This was one of those projects that had been rumored ever since the release of Man of Steel. After changing heroes and scripts and directors the movie is finally here and it exceeds all of our previous expectations. We could have never imagined getting to see such an exquisite first half which was followed by a nail-biting second half. The movie did lag a little at the end but that is not something that the fans will mind, as evidenced by this massive opening weekend.


The Batman Breaks The Box Office

The $248.5 million openings are huge. It is second only to No Way Home which brought in a whopping $260 million. But fans should bear in mind that No Way Home was the end of a trilogy and The Batman is the start of one. Not to mention the fact that No Way Home had three generations of Spider-Men involved in its story while here we only have Robert Pattinson’s iteration of the Bat. This achievement is also exemplary because of how it compares to other DC releases.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was DCEU’s biggest release to date. The movie had so much hype behind it that no one was surprised when it raked in $254 million on its opening weekend. Yet, The Batman more than matched it on release and did so in the era of the pandemic. The Batman franchise has always been profitable for studios. For context, Batman(1989) made $40 million on its domestic opening, The Dark Knight made $158 million, Batman made $40 million, Batman Returns made $45 million, and Batman and Robin made $42 million in the domestic market on its opening weekend.


This places The Batman near the top of the best performing Batman movies ever. We only wonder if the movie can hold this pace for the next 42 days. This was WB’s first theatrical only release in the pandemic era. Fans would have to wait 45 days to watch it on a streaming service. This means that the movie has 45 days to outperform its competitors. This might not be hard considering all the love it has been getting from the fans and the critics. It’s being called ‘the gritty Batman tale we never knew we wanted, ‘ the darkest Batman movie ever, and that is a good thing.


The Future

If The Batman keeps this pace then it is possible that it will win out against No Way Home and kickstart the DCEU reboot we have all been waiting for. At the start of The Batman, we are shown a composite trailer for the new DCEU and their next few releases all the way to Aquaman the lost kingdom. The executives at WB are planning something sinister and they are not giving us the entire picture. We are not sure how we feel about that. It is possible that we will get to see this Batman play a much larger role in the Multiverse than previously anticipated.


But we can not know that for sure. For now, we hope that the movie keeps making money so that we can get a sequel for this iteration of The Batman. Do you think that this movie will beat The Marvel-Disney-Sony combo into the ground or will it lose to the mouse? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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