DC Can Never Do What No Way Home Did With Its Multiverse

Spider-Man: No Way Home took things to a whole new level in terms of what could be done with the superhero movies. This is not surprising considering the MCU has managed to surprise us with moments like these a lot of times over the years. It was quite unbelievable to imagine something of the sorts that we got to see in No Way Home actually happen. Considering this will become a new trend we might imagine other superhero franchises to work a similar narrative too. We can clearly say that the cinematic experience that Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us is extraordinary. DC can never do what No Way Home did even if multiple Batmen unite.

No Way Home

The concept of a multiverse has been a part of the comics for quite a long period. Fans were expecting to see how this will be explored in the MCU. Since we already managed to gain a lot of character it became obvious that we will get to this being explored soon. Kevin Feige had revealed last year during a Disney podcast that:

The multiverse is coming up in a big way. There’s interconnectivity there that people have already started to see and suss out, and I had a meeting this morning with the whole broad Marvel Studios team going through the multiverse and the rules of the multiverse and exactly how to really deliver on the excitement surrounding the multiverse.


DC can never do what No Way Home did

These things led to one of the most awesome moments in Spider-Man and superhero movie history. Fans got to see the three generations of Spider-Men coming together to fight some of the most awesome Spider-Man villains. It was exciting to see Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire don the Spider-Man costume once again next to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Not only that, the movie managed to bring back some of the most awesome villains from the past Spider-Man films. It managed to establish the concept of a shared universe between the different studios.



With the supposed appearance of Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it has become quite clear that the multiverse will be essential to the future of the franchise. But this concept is not something that only Marvel has as a lot of other franchises have their own versions of this concept. Alternate realities and multiverse is something that started quite early in the comics and continues to be explored. But we can say that Spider-Man movies have managed to bring the concept to the big screen in a proper manner. But the same cannot be possible with other franchises considering it might end up being a trend.


How No Way Home Managed To Pull Off The Spider-Men Team Up?

Over the years, Spider-Man has gone through some essential deals between Marvel Studios and Sony. The character was originally owned by Sony but they allowed Marvel to use the character under a deal and that’s when we got to see the character appear in Captain America: Civil War, making his MCU debut. But things won’t remain the same as the character was actually going to be taken back after a few movies. The negotiations worked and Marvel Studios managed to bring the Sony movies and MCU movies together using the Multiverse. This is clearly not an easy task and it took sufficient time and work from the studios involved.


DC Can Never Do What No Way Home Did

The DCEU is going to bring their multiverse arc this year with The Flash. This will allow us to see two different renditions of Batman appear in the same movie with Michael Keaton reprising his role next to Batfleck. The character of Batman is something that has had a long history when it comes to cinematic adaptation. But each adaptation had a different tone and narrative and it doesn’t seem possible to see them teaming up together for a common narrative.


DC can never do what No Way Home did

Keaton will be returning through the Multiverse arc and it is yet to be seen how it is executed. We can be quite sure that George Clooney won’t be dressing up as Batman after Batman & Robin. Val Kilmer hasn’t really played any major characters in a long time and Christian Bale has stated that he will only return if Nolan is involved. Finally, Pattinson has just made his debut and director Matt Reeves has clarified that he won’t include elements of DCEU yet. We can be fairly certain that the multiverse narrative is not going to be explored anytime soon with the DC characters.

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